5 Places To See In Belgrade


Some people think it’s a bit of a strange one to have on the Bucket list! But, Belgrade was the capital of the former Yugoslavia. It is full of culture, architecture, history, and nightlife. Here are my top 5 places to see in Belgrade…

1. Belgrade Nightlife – Splavs!

Believe it or not, Belgrade in Serbia is THE PLACE TO BE for nightlife! It is Eastern Europe’s party capital. The downtown nightclubs are great for the winter, and in the summer, you can expect the parties to hit the river with discotheque boats on the Danube! These floating night clubs or barges are called “splavs” or “splavovi”. See https://belgradeatnight.com/clubs/ for more information on Belgrade nightlife.

2. Military History – Kalemagda Citadel

I am quite fascinated with history, and I have seen to have a particular fascination with wartime history. One of the most famous historical sites in Serbia is the Kalemagdan Citadel in Belgrade, where around some 115 battles have taken place over the centuries, destroying the citadel over 40 times (Lonely Planet)! Below, you can see an image of the Belgrade Fortress.

3. Culture of Belgrade – Saint Sava and Saint Mark’s

Belgrade is thriving with museums, theatres, concert halls, and live music. I also love Eastern European architecture, and can’t wait to see the Church of Saint Sava and Saint Mark’s Church.

According to Trip and Sleep hostel, Savamala is the heart of Belgrade’s new wave of cultural activity. Last year, the district of Savamala in Belgrade was highlighted as Serbia’s new creative hub by the Guardian – home to the up and coming entrepreneurs, artists and musicians.

4. Underground Belgrade!

This may sound a little freaky, I know, but I just can’t wait to explore underground Belgrade. Yes, I’m talking catacombs, wine cellars, secret passageways, and underground bunkers. The underground history of the city runs through from the Romans to the Cold War. Few might know this, but ‘notes from underground’ is the title of a fantastic book by the great Fjodor Dostojevski.

5. Mimi the Pug at Trip and Sleep!

I’ m going to be staying at Trip and Sleep with the one and only Mimi the Pug! Many of you who know me, will know that I am a massive dog lover. I miss my Milo dog every day – he died about a year ago and it broke my heart. A week with the wonderful Mimi is sure to do me good! I just can’t wait to spend some time with her!

What to pack for Belgrade?

If you are planning to see Belgrade this autumn, the weather can be unpredictable. Sometimes sunny and warn other times, cloudy and rainy. Necessary things to pack for Belgrade this autumn are a t-shirt, lightweight jacket, waterproof jackets, trainers, pair of sunglasses, and your camera to take lots of photos because Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities in the Balcan.

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