Blue Safari Mauritius Excursions – A Submarine Journey!

Blue Safari Mauritius Excursions – A Submarine Journey

If you are on holiday or honeymoon in Mauritius and interested in marine life, don’t leave without going on the submarine with Blue Safari Mauritius! It’s really the best of the Mauritius excursions on offer!

It’s our honeymoon, and one of our special things to do together has always been to see tropical fish! The draw back is that up until now, they have been in aquariums! The first time I saw tropical fish ? in their ‘happy fish place’ was island hopping in Palawan, Philippines, but as it was a TBEX conference my then fiancé wasn’t with me. Now that we are married, it was time for us to try to see fish in the ocean in Mauritius.

Submarine Dive – A great alternative for those who can’t Scuba!

Sadly, I can’t scuba or do the underwater scooters because of my health problems. Most of you know that I travel with chronic illnesses including epilepsy, asthma, endometriosis and Eustachian tube dysfunction (ear problems). Not the best combination for someone who would love to dive with the fish! But the submarine in Mauritius was a brilliant option for us.
If you are interested in marine life, but can’t or don’t want to dive, the submarine is the perfect alternative.

When we went to visit Tallinn (Estonia) a few years back, we saw a WW2 submarine and got to explore inside. Then Sy said to me: ‘when does it go under?!?!’ Well, sadly it didn’t, and since then, we’ve been wanting to go on a real submarine! Cue Blue Safari – specialists in underwater safaris in Mauritius, our chosen honeymoon destination.

Cost of the Blue Safari Mauritius Submarine Trip

The cost of our Blue Safari submarine trip was £235 (just under £120 each) which sounds a lot, but it was a special occasion and I would say hands down that this is one of the best Mauritius excursions. I wasn’t sure about spending that much money on one thing, but now we’ve done it, I’d say it is well worth it!

Blue Safari Mauritius Submarine Journey

We set off from the Blue Safari office at Mont Choisy bay after our briefing. It was a small boat to get to the ‘mothership’ and then we boarded the sub from there. So you need to board three different boats altogether, but there are plenty of safety staff around to help you on and off.

Boarding was sub was really exciting, but scary at the same time – something I’d never done before, and I was a little apprehensive about water surrounding us above and below! In the video of me boarding the sub, you can hear me going ‘OMG Sy, this is insane!’ ?

Once we got inside, there were plenty of safety instructions and the sub pilot even showed us the levers to get the sub to surface incase of emergency. Also the lovey French family we were with were very positive and reassuring, and let me swap seats to be next to Sy. I felt much better after that!

The Submarines on Blue Safari BS600 and BS1100

We travelled on the BS600 submarine which seated just 5 people. The other sub, the BS1100 seats 10 people, and it’s the classic sub shape with circular windows. I think that that we got the much better sub, because ours had glass all around so you could get panoramic views! Both subs are really comfortable.

Blue Safari Mauritius – Under the Sea!

“Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me!”
I did wonder how much sea life we would actually see, but there was loads down there! As so as we submerged, which was about 30m below sea-level ? we could see big blue and yellow Surgeon fish Right close to the sub!

What was interesting is that it’s all natural light and it’s goes so blue down there! Colours change 30m below the surface of the sea. Yellow becomes green, red becomes purple, orange becomes brown! Even the colours of our clothes were changing!

We circled the shipwreck called Star Hope and saw corals already attaching to it. The sea life that we saw included sea anemones, lion fish, clown fish, butterfly fish and many more! The pilot tells you all about the species of fish while you are down there.

Ethics of Blue Safari Submarine Excursion Mauritius

Don’t worry about the fish or the ethics of this trip – the sub does not touch animals or coral, unless the fish want to come to eat algae off the boat which doesn’t hurt them. The subs are electric with lots

of batteries, so they are not pumping harmful fumes into the ocean. Sadly, the coral reef that we saw is under threat because of global warming.

This was something so special and amazing to share. We had a professional photo of us boarding the sub for an extra £12 (well worth it as it was a lovely picture of us both!) and we got submarine dive certificates at the end which were included in the price.

If you are thinking of doing a submarine trip under the Indian Ocean in Mauritius, I highly recommend it! Book in advance, wear comfy shoes and arrive 15-30 mins before your boarding time. Enjoy your time under the sea!

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