Is Istanbul Safe?

Is Istanbul safe for female travelers?

The day that I set off for my Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul, back in 2015, there had been a suicide bomb attack on a Police station in Sultanbeyli on the outskirts of Istanbul. It was a minor attack and no one was killed, it also had a specific target. It did, however, prompt me to do my research before traveling. With that being said, is Istanbul safe for solo female travelers?

A Text Message from my concerned Aunty – Not really a Party Pooper! Is Istanbul safe?

I received the following text message from my aunty…
‘My darling Amy Bimpkin, I really don’t want to be a harbinger of doom or a party pooper, but I wondered if you had heard the terrible news? Please check up on it and seek foreign office travel advice. I love you so much and don’t want you to take any unnecessary risks. Let me know what you think. From your neurotic aunty Dab!’

Naturally, my family members were concerned – is Istanbul safe? They were not being party poopers, just generally concerned for my safety. And they have a right to be, after all, safety concern goes hand in hand with love!
Don’t be offended when family members question your travel plans, it is, for them, a natural and loving thing to do. Just do your research, and then reassure and educate them.

Current Foreign Office Advice on Turkey as of August 10th, 2015

The Foreign Office advice remained the same – safe to travel but be vigilant and avoid the Syrian border, so I decided to continue with my trip.

Tackling Media Stereotypes – Is Istanbul safe?

I think it’s important as a traveler to be sensible but to keep things in perspective. I would never go to a risky area without checking FCO advice or getting insurance.
Once you are certain that your travel plans are safe, you can then challenge media stereotypes in an attempt to educate people about Geography, politics and the truth about solo female travel.

How Western Media can affect the Turkish Economy

I was talking to Onur, the hostel owner of Sultan Hostel in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. Many Large groups are canceling hostel bookings in Istanbul, due to negative media, which can cost business owners thousands of euros in revenue. Many of these cancellations are school or university groups whose parents don’t want their children to travel to Turkey,
Hostel owners and restaurant owners in Istanbul are thankful for the solo travelers who do their research through official channels, rather than listen to the news, and still travel to Turkey, bringing revenue to the economy and educating others on their return.

The problem with the media is that it focuses on the negative. Traumatic or turbulent events tend to make the news over positive stories. You rarely hear of ‘good’ news in Turkey through the media. There is no need for the news to report on the wonderful people, amazing architecture and beautiful views, although this is predominantly the reality of Istanbul. There are so many cool things to see in Istanbul.

Is Istanbul Safe?

So now for the truth about Istanbul! I have been here for a few days now and will stay for a week in total. Here are my answers to common questions…..
Is Istanbul safe for female solo travelers?
Yes, it is. You may get compliments and get asked out! But people are very respectful and helpful. If you get lost, they will tell you where to go, and they will not touch you or grab you like I have heard some people say! It is still Europe!
Are there security risks in Istanbul?
There may be terrorist threats or security risks in Istanbul. It is important that you get accurate and up to date information from the Foreign Office or the travel advisory from your own government.

What can I do to keep safe in Turkey?

Have your travel head-on – keep your map with you and your money tucked away in a money belt.
Be vigilant. General security advice is to avoid the metro, police stations and embassy’s and you should be fine.
Is Istanbul Safe near Sultanahmet and the historic sites?
At the time I travelled to Istanbul, I was able to walk around Sultanahmet and the harbor with no problems whatsoever. We have visited the Grand Bazaar and Spice market and felt very safe and secure. We have seen no disturbances or attempted pick-pocketing.

How can I help to promote Tourism in Turkey?

  • Blog or use social media to convey positive experiences
  • Challenge stereotypes in a way that educates others
  • If you have had a good hostel or restaurant experience in Turkey, give a 5 star Trip Advisor review.

UPDATE – I recently blogged about the Istanbul Terrorist Attack 2016.

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