Mad Hatters Tea Room in Chester

Visiting the Mad Hatters Tea Room Chester is certainly a unique and enjoyable experience – with light lunches, cupcakes and teas served in a quirky Alice in Wonderland themed 17th Century rectory. I recently spent 24 hours in Chester, and having brunch with my closest friends at the Mad Hatters Tea room was one of my fondest memories of this visit. You can book a UK train ticket to Chester with Virgin Trains. The tea room is located in the very centre of Chester on ‘The Rows’ – famous historical streets of medieval style buildings. When you find Mad Hatters, you will be greeted by a scrumptious colourful array of cupcakes in the window!

Mad Hatters Tea Room Chester – An Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Room

So much thought has gone into the interior design of this cafe – it is full of character and inspiration from Lewis Carol’s novel. The walls are splattered with oversized playing cards, upside down tea pots hang from the ceiling and the odd Flamingo appears apprehensive about being used for a game of croquet! Look out for the oversized stop watch that will remind you of the White Rabbit (‘I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!’) When you sit down to look at the menu, you realise that it is displayed in ‘Mad Hatters prices!’ ÂŁ7.50 is displayed as 7 1/2 and ÂŁ6.25 is displayed at 6 1/4! This is such a nice quirky touch that echoes the ‘mad hatters’ hat design. Food is displayed in ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ sections on their website! There are even ‘Tweedle Dee’ and Tweedle Dum’ nibble plates! Mad Hatter’s Tea Room Menu I had the gorgeous salmon and eggs Royale for brunch. If you’d like to see the Mad Hatters Tea Room Chester food menu, click here. Eggs Benedict Royale at Mad Hatter’s Tea Room, Chester Oh, and, of course, I had my trademark hot chocolate! The ‘cow’ shaped milk jugs and many of the Mad Hatter style teapots are on sale in the bakery. Make sure that you go upstairs and have a look at the top of the building and the wooden beamed ceiling. As you can see, the refectory was constructed in 1657, and retains it’s original beams and lead windows.

Celebrating a 31 Year Friendship

The fabulous friends who accompanied me on this trip were Michelle and Mark, who have recently moved to Chester. They were great guides – I wouldn’t have found these wonderful places without them! Most importantly, I need to thank Michelle for being there for me through thick and thin over the last 31 years. Yes, we have been friends that long! We met when we were 5 years old at Bramford Primary school in the Midlands! Me and Michelle have been there for each other through family problems, college, university, broken relationships – whenever it has been ‘crisis time’ over the years, we have just had to pick up the phone! Sadly, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain friendships the more you travel. Distance can put a strain on many friendships, but not this one. One thing is for sure – Michelle will be in my life for the next 31 years and beyond! Book a train ticket to Chester with Virgin Trains You might also like to read… York Minster on New Years Eve (My Boyfriend Proposed!) 24 Hours in Chester 5 Reasons to Love Liverpool

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