What to Pack for Morocco

what to pack for Morocco

Morocco, especially in July and August can be stifling hot, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Aside from the regular money, gadgets and Morocco Lonely Planet, here are some extra luggage items that I highly recommend on ‘What to Pack for Morocco.’

Remember that Morocco is a Muslim country, so women should not pack too many clothes that will reveal flesh. In other words, leave your strappy vest tops and short skirts at home, ladies! This article is mainly aimed at ladies, but for the guys out there, just skip the bit about Maxi dress, high heels and tinted moisturiser! πŸ˜‰ Guys, you don’t need to worry as much as the girls about clothing, but remember that you shouldn’t be wearing shorts and vest tops in and around religious places such as mosques and mosque gardens.

Of course, packing your passport and a secure money belt goes without saying!

Avoid Packing for Morocco

  • Short skirts
  • Shorts (ladies)
  • Low cut tops
  • High Heels
  • A Bible (especially one translated into Arabic – this could get you arrested!)
  • Heavy Make Up
camel trekking Morocco

Backpack or Suitcase for Morocco?

A suitcase might be OK if you are going for a luxury 5 or 7 day holiday in Marrakech and not planning to move around. However, if you plan on moving from one destination to another or even travelling around Morocco for some time then a backpack is essential.

What to Pack for Morocco

Here are my recommended Items to pack for Morocco:

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential item as the sun can be glaringly bright and you will struggle to see without them in some situations such as the Sahara. If you have prescription glasses, then I highly recommend prescription sunglasses – they are a good idea as they will adjust with the light to the appropriate filter for the sun strength.

2. Sandals

Wear some comfortable leather sandals. I avoid flip flops, because I don’t think that they support the ankle well enough – there can be a lot of walking in Morocco. I prefer my Gladiator sandals. Millets and Blacks also have some excellent walking sandals. Don’t take any that you would hate to ruin – you will be potentially walking in desert and it doesn’t do footwear much good!

3. SIGG Water Bottle

These are so durable. The screw tops are great because they are very secure and the hole through the middle makes the SIGG bottles easy to carry and you can also tie them to your luggage. If you are going to Morocco in the hot season (July or August) you might want to take two – go for 1.5 litres if you can, as you will drink a lot out there!

4. Scarves (to cover your head and shoulders)

A shesh is simply a piece of cloth that you can use to cover your head and/or shoulders. Plain white is the best  certainly no images of people or animals as these are not common in a Muslim country. I recently picked up two scarves for Β£3.00 each from a charity shop in York. You can also go shopping for these on the night market when you get there!

5. Jungle Spray

You will need an insect spray for sure, many people were getting bitten a lot the last time I was in Morocco. If you want something really strong, go for Jungle formula, but be aware that it does contain DEET. DEET free insect repellents are more eco-friendly and contain less harsh chemicals.

6. Light Trousers

Very light Cotton or linen trouser will be perfect for comfortable travel in Morocco. It is far too hot for jeans. Also, avoid army trousers as they may cause offence or confusion. They can also be very heavy and uncomfortable. I recently picked up some lovely green light cotton trousers from New Look. Light trousers and cotton leggings are perfect for travelling in Morocco.

7. Maxidress and Long Skirts

Maxi dresses and long skirt are cool and comfortable, perfect for the high temperatures to be expected in the Sahara. I actually got a few from charity shops before I travelled. But remember that you can shop very cheaply in Morocco – just remember to haggle in the souks!

8. Maglight

A good torch is essential for any camping or electricity cuts that may occur. The Maglite has the strongest beam (for the money) and is very durable. I actually dropped my Maglite in the Atlas Mountains and it survived no problem!

9. Mosquito Net

Those mozzies like to attack at night, so don’t give them chance to get to you – sleep under a Mosquito net! Many hotels and hostels have them if necessary in that area. However, if you are camping, you will probably want to take your own. We did have them for our trek to Four Squid, but actually I didn’t need to use it. It depends really on your location and the time of year, but it’s good to have just incase. However, Malaria risk in Morocco is low and at the time of writing this blog there was no recommendation for anti-Malaria tablets.

10. Tinted Moisturiser

Morocco is way too hot for heavy make up – it will just slide off in the heat! I do recommend a nice tinted moisturiser. I like to use my Arbonne honey beige tinted moisturiser, which is vegan approved.

11. Walking Shoes or Boots

Comfortable walking boots are essential for Morocco, particularly if you are trekking in the Atlas Mountains. Mine are Peter Storm. Get good walking socks to go with them. A tip is to break in your walking boots for at least a few weeks before you go, otherwise you could get blisters.

12. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for Morocco – the temperatures can easily exceed 40 in July and August. Also, get a lip salve or lip moisturiser, because the desert conditions often result in chapped lips. Go for factor 30 or above, especially if you have light skin. I like my Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF50.

13. Comfortable Jeans

A pair of comfortable jeans are also very practical for Morocco, but don’t get heavy denim. Get a soft and light stretchy denim jean and you will be comfortable in those. Mine are jeggings with a side zip from Dorothy Perkins.

14. Feminine Hygeine Requirements

You can get sanitary towels in Morocco, but they are not always easy to find and, girls, you won’t get what you are used to! You will find them in the big cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca of course, but it may be harder to find them in more remote areas. So take plenty of tampons and sanitary towels to Morocco. Disgusting, I know, but last time we were there, girls were selling them to the guys for Diarrhoea!!!! Ugh!

15. Antihistamines and Eye Mist

If you get itchy eyes, you will find this a problem in Morocco particularly due to the desert sands. I would recommend packing antihistamines and also a good eye mist. The eye mist will be nice and refreshing in the evening. You can pick these up from Boots for a couple of quid.

16. Comfy knickers!

It’s hot in Morocco and there is likely to be a lot of walking and trekking. So…..let’s talk about chaffing! Haha! In the heat your sweaty thighs can rub together and give you quite an uncomfortable heat rash in Morocco. It’s a good idea to take comfortable cotton knickers and cycling shorts. My aunty actually found some great cycling short style knickers on Amazon which are perfect for Morocco.

Are there any other items you would recommend to pack for Morocco? Are you on your travels in Morocco at the moment, and do you have anything else to suggest?
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