Reasons to visit Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol historic coastline

Sozopol Bulgaria is located along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast some 35 kilometers south of Burgas city. Due to the town’s coastal location, it is the home to Bulgaria’s top resorts making it a perfect place for spending your summer holidays. But the main attraction of the city that it’s famous for is the Apollonia art and film festival which is held annually in this beautiful coastal town by the end of summer. This town has a lot to offer and this article will give you some great reasons why you should visit Sozopol on your next trip to Bulgaria.

Top Reasons to Visit Sozopol Bulgaria

1. Historic heritage

One thing you are sure to notice about this ancient town is that it still retains a big chunk of its history that dates back to 7th century BC. During the ancient Greek era, this city was one of the richest cities and therefore it has some interesting relics including:

Sozopol Port: It used to be an important trade port in the past and it still contains hints of its original glory that are sure to take you back in time.

Archeological Museum: Since this city had one of the largest trade ports from the ancient Greek times it preserves all its history in the Archeological Museum which is a must-see if you are interested in Greek archaeology.

Sozopol Old Town: Some 200 19th Century houses can be found in the Old Town of Sozopol, some made of stone and others made of wood.

2. It is a budget-friendly holiday destination

Want to spend your summers relaxing on sandy beaches and roaming the streets that make you feel like you have time traveled back in time? Then Sozopol can be your ultimate budget-friendly holiday destination with its affordable resorts and since it is not a big city you can even avoid taxi fares and walk your way to see the sights of the city. Since this town is yet to be used for commercial tourism you can still live in this city just like locals and eat the traditional street cuisine that is pocket-friendly at the same time.

3. Great weather during summers

Probably the most important reason that makes this city perfect for summer tourism is its mild temperatures throughout the summer. Summer temperature in this coastal town ranges between 25 and 32 degrees while seawater remains at a cozy 27 degrees. Combine this with lush green landscapes of the city and you are sure to want to stay there forever.

4. Delicious local foods and amazing restaurants

Food is an important part of any city’s culture and Sozopol has plenty to offer for food lovers. Since it is a coastal town you are sure to find amazing seafood all over the city. A typical meal in a restaurant in Sozopol starts with a light salad, followed by tomato sauce and seafood. You should try stuffed peppers and tarator which are considered local delicacies when it comes to traditional food. If you’re looking for a good beach bar/restaurant head to Bamboo Beach Sozopol.

For a high quality splash of seafood, head to Restaurant Riviera…

5. Sozopol Bulgaria is a Watersports Destination

Sozopol is a great place for a variety of watersports including diving, yachting, windsurfing and yachting. The Black Sea Coast is a fantastic destination to explore by boat. Watersports and boat rides are reasonably priced in Sozopol. Expect to pay around $40 for a jet skiing or windsurfing session.

reasons to visit Sozopol - a person on a jet ski

6. Beaches

There are three main beaches in Sozopol. Sozopol Central Beach is the most popular and is located between the old and new town of Sozopol. It is easy to get to but gets quite busy in the summer months, especially July and August. Harmani beach in the new town is less busy, longer and wider, so is a good alternative. If you are willing to travel 3 km North, you can visit Golden Fish beach which allows topless bathing and is great for surfers.

7. Great location for Day trips

Nesebar is positioned on the coast and it’s easy to drive or take a bus to other coastal towns and cities including Nesebar and Burgas. If you are ok with travelling a little further, Varna is a fabulous city to visit and is around a two-hour drive.

Nessebar – A Day Trip from Sozopol, Bulgaria

If you enjoy visiting historical coastal cities, I recommend a day trip from Sozopol to Nesebar, which is just an hours drive north along the coastline. Nesebar has an amazing old town situated on a long thin peninsula overlooking the black sea. I highly recommend that you take a Nessebar Old Town Walking Tour. Highlights include Stara Mitropolia Basilica and the fortress which both date from the Middle Ages. Nesebar is also home to some fantastic Churches such as the Hagia Sophia Nessebar, Church of Christ Pantocrator and the Church of St Stephen.

How to get to Sozopol Bulgaria

Now that you’ve got an idea about what this beautiful city has to offer you might be wondering how you can get there. Well, the best way to get to Sozopol is by taking a flight to Burgas which is a larger city near Sozopol. After reaching Burgas you can easily get to Sozopol by taking a taxi, train or a bus. A bus leaves from Burgas to Sozopol every hour starting from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. so you shouldn’t have any problem catching a bus. You can also book a transfer from Burgas airport to Sozopol online for approximately $25 or just over £20. It’s only around 40 minutes drive to Sozopol from Burgas Airport. 

If you are flying into Sofia airport, it is possible to get a train, but it does take around 6h 45m. Trains in Bulgaria are basic and slow, so you might be better booking an airport transfer from Sofia to Sozopol, especially if you want comfort and a quicker journey.

Further Reading for your Travels to Bulgaria

With the fabulous Churches, Monasteries, history, mountains and beaches, there are just so many reasons to visit Bulgaria. Sofia – the capital city – is likely to be where you initially base yourself. If you are looking for help with budgeting, read my article on how Cheap is Sofia. I also recommend the free walking tour in Sofia and the New Sofia Pub Crawl.

There are some great cities other than Sofia for you to explore or use as a base…

  • Sozopol – A Great Coastal Destination

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