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Is Battambang Worth Visiting? Cambodia’s second city

Is battambang worth visiting

So, you’re interested in finding out more about Battambang, Cambodia’s second city? It’s a popular stop off for backpackers travelling through Cambodia. May people ask me ‘Is Battambang worth visiting?’ The answer is…..it depends. I totally loved Battambang and I am really glad I made a stop there. It’s authentic Cambodia, away from the temples […]

11 Crazy Travel Cambodia Stories

Crazy Cambodia travel stories

I recently spent 3 weeks in Cambodia and it’s unbelievable what can happen in such a short space of time! Today I’m sharing my top travel Cambodia stories – some more embarrassing than others! Don’t let it put you off – Cambodia is an amazing place to travel, but do prepare yourself for a hardcore […]

My Cambodia Vacation – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

My Cambodia Vacation

Everyone seems to love my ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ showdowns! So today I am going to give the full open and honest verdict on Cambodia. Let’s be frank….Cambodia is not the best place for first time solo travellers. It’s much more challenging than some other part of Southeast Asia such as Thailand. […]