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I got Pulled for Questioning in Tel Aviv Airport!

When I entered Israel, I thought it was too good to be true when I walked straight through customs with a slip of paper straight into my passport. I’d heard horror stories from other bloggers about the stressful questioning by the Israeli border control. I thought I’d escaped. But I got pulled for questioning in […]

City of David – The Real Ancient Jerusalem

City of David

Tourists flock to the Old Town of Jerusalem within the walled city, but few realise that the real ancient city of Jerusalem lies to the South West of the old city.  The City of David is the first place in Jerusalem where names of people mentioned in the Bible were found on inscriptions. Where is […]

Is Israel Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

is israel safe for solo female travellers

I recently spent an amazing few weeks in Israel, and I would love to attempt to answer this question that I get from a lot of solo female travelers – is Israel safe for women? I’d like to give an account that combines my personal experiences with recent factual events to help you to be as informed […]