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Cap Malheureux Church – The Red Roof Church in Mauritius

Red Roof Church Mauritius

One of the most famous churches in Mauritius is Cap Malheureux Church. It’s official name is the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel, but it’s known by tourists as the ‘Red Roof Church’. The Church is arguably the most photogenic spot on the Island of Mauritius due to the way that the bright red roof of this […]

Blue Safari Mauritius Excursions – A Submarine Journey!

Blue Safari Mauritius Excursions – A Submarine Journey

If you are on holiday or honeymoon in Mauritius and interested in marine life, don’t leave without going on the submarine with Blue Safari Mauritius! It’s really the best of the Mauritius excursions on offer! It’s our honeymoon, and one of our special things to do together has always been to see tropical fish! The […]

Diwali Mauritius Style – Come and Celebrate with Me!

Diwali Mauritius

I’m privileged to be spending Diwali on the tropical island of Mauritius off the coast of Africa. Mauritius is over 50% Hindu (the other main religions on the island are Islam and Christianity. Diwali is the Hindu celebration of happiness and light. It’s associated with Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, and coincides with […]