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My 7 Best Cities in Poland

best cities in Poland

Poland is one of my favourite European destinations and boasts some of the best old town architecture that I have ever seen. Poland is a country that suffered extensively in WW2 seeing many inhabitants (particularly the Jewish population) sent off to concentration camps. Despite this, many of the old town buildings have survived and the […]

The Best Museums in Gdansk

Museums in Gdansk

Gdansk is a fantastic place for cultural and educational visits. There are some amazing things to do in Gdansk including excellent museums. Sometimes the places that house them are just as interesting as what is kept inside! Here are my favourite museums in Gdansk. My Favourite Museums in Gdansk The Solidarity Centre The Gdańsk shipyard […]

Gdansk Nightlife

Gdansk Nightlife

Gdansk is an excellent place to go out drinking or dancing. There are many pubs and bars, with may hidden away in basements of historic buildings. Often the distinction between restaurant, bars and clubs is very thin, as many places are restaurants or bars by day, while at night they become discotheques. Clubs and pubs which characterise the nightlife […]