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Is Aveiro Worth visiting? The Venice of Portugal

Is Aveiro worth visiting

Less than an hour south of Porto by train is the beautiful city of Aveiro, informally known as the Venice of Portugal. Yes, Aveiro is the place where you will see the Portuguese canals with the decorative ‘Moliceiro Boats’. I spent a day in Aveiro and wish I had stayed longer. In fact, I intend to […]

Castelo Branco Portugal – The ultimate travel Guide

Castelo Branco Portugal

In the East of Portugal, inland and close to the Spanish border is the countryside ‘city’ of Castelo Branco. I say ‘city’ in inverted commas, because, although officially a city, Castelo Branco feels much more like a town, or even a village to some! Here you will find a much more relaxed pace of life […]

How to Spend One Day in Lamego

One day in Lamego Portugal

I’m actually writing this blog from Lamego bus station. I stayed for two nights here, waling these streets, visiting the best sites and eating in the gorgeous cafes and restaurants. You will be pleased to know that as it’s just a small town, it’s enough to spend one day in Lamego. Is Lamego worth visiting?  Lamego is in my opinion an […]