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Freetown Christiania Before you Die! Hippie Heaven

Freetown Christiania Copenhagen

Due to jet lag, tired legs and some map misjudgement, Rachel and I missed our alternative tour of Copenhagen (including freetown christiania Copenhagen) that we had planned. Rachel is a lovely bubbly American girl from New Jersey who writes on www.theblondwayfarer.com. She had survived a trans Atlantic flight and a walking tour – it was […]

Funny Things you will See or Experience in Denmark!

Plopp funny things in Denmark

Every trip has it’s unusual and amusing experiences and linguistic mistranslations. This blog is dedicated to my sister, Hayley, who laughed so much when we went to get our ‘smack’ from the local supermarket in Riga (don’t worry, it was just cereals!) Here are a few of my favourite amusing occurrences and sayings from Denmark… […]