Landsort Chapel on the Remote Swedish Island of Oja

I recently traveled to Stockholm for the 2016 TBEX conference (Travel Bloggers Exchange). Visit Stockholm treated me to a trip to Landsort on the remote island of Oja, the Southernmost island of Stockholm’s archipelago.

landsort lighthouse

Oja is famous for the Landsort lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Sweden, which was constructed in 1651 and first lit in 1689. Climbing the lighthouse was an absolute privilege, and gave us breathtaking views of the remote island.


Yet it was the landsort chapel that I was really taken with – a charming blue wooden framed construct that was inaugurated in 1939.

Landsort Chapel

Landsort Chapel

The history behind the chapel is that it was given as a gift of hoof foresters Helge Ax: son Johnson at Berga Castle in Vaesterhaninge. It was designed by Ove Leijonhuvud.

inside landsort chapel

Inside the chapel you will find two church ships, which are there as a reminder of how Landsort’s life always characterized by the ships or boats. The altarpiece is made and donated by the artist Axel Sjöberg.


Top Tips – Landsort Chapel

  1. The chapel is free to enter and usually very quiet, as there are only 27 families resident on the island!
  2. Remember that it is a place of worship, and although photos are welcomed, avoid flash photography and respect the silent atmosphere when worshippers are present.
  3. Musical events are sometimes held at the chapel in summer. You can contact NynĂ€shamn’s Tourist Information Centre for more information, +46 (0)8-520 737 00 or
  4. Make sure that you visit the famous Landsort lighthouse while you are on the island.
  5. There are only two places to eat on the island. I had a gorgeous bouillabaisse at Svedtiljas pÄ Landsort.
  6. This is doable as a day trip from Stockholm. However, if you would like to stay overnight, I would recommend staying in the old pilot tower which has now been converted into a hotel! (see below

Svedtiljas pÄ Landsort

For the homepage on the main Landsort restaurant and hotel see


Cost – Landsort Chapel

Entry to the chapel is free, just get in touch in advance to make sure it’s ok to visit on that day (

The cost of the ferry from Ankarudden to Landsort is 75kr (50kr for discount).

Religion and Denomination

Christian – Protestant

How to Get to Oja

From Stockholm, you need to take a bus to NynĂ€shamn and then Bus 852 from NynĂ€shamn’s station towards Torö, Ankarudden. You could stay overnight in NynĂ€shamn if you wanted to break up the journey.

Hotels is NynÀshamn on TripAdvisor

If you can get a coach journey from Stockholm direct to Ankarudden, the journey time will be approximately 1 hour, but public transport will take much longer, and it is important that you check the timetables (

From Ankarudden, you then take the ferry to Landsort (75kr). Please note that no cars are allowed, you can only access the island of Oja by foot or bicycle.

For more details on how to get there, visit:

Where to Stay in Landsort

Although I didn’t stay overnight, I did get to have a look inside the hotel rooms at the old Pilot Tower. What a quirky conversion! Admittedly, it looks like a bit of an eyesore, but the renovation has resulted in modern and clean hotel rooms with en suite bathrooms.


As it was historically a watch tower, you have to take the lift to the 7th floor where you will get more phenomenal views of the island.


You might want to also explore accommodation options on the following sites…

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  2. Kathy Reid says:

    Thank you Amy,
    We’re planning to be on Landsort Is. on a summer weekend-your information was so helpful. Do you know if they have church services there? I was also trying to trace down the church Carl Boberg (hymnwriter of How Great Thou
    art) might have been a pastor in in Monsteras Sweden. Do you happen to have any insight on that? Thanks for your input, and your article.

    • Amy Green says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting Kathy, did you get my email? Let’s hope that Sunday services start up again soon after coronavirus is under control.

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