Tel Aviv Street Art – Carmel Market Instawalk

Street Art Carmel Market Plague Doctors

Tel Aviv was never a city I associated with great street art, but it absolutely is. As the most liberal city in the middle East, boasting nightclubs and lesbian and gay rights, the city attracts artists from around Israel. Join me on my Instawalk around Carmel Market…

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Tel Aviv Street Art around Carmel Market

Most of the street art that I found was in central Tel Aviv, located near Hacarmel street. Some of it is politically motivated and sharing views of peace.

Street Art carmel market tel Aviv Lips

I found a lot of art in this particularly colourful style of animals, including a cat, a deer and a giraffe!

Street Art Carmel Market Giraffe Tel Aviv

Steampunk Plague Doctors

One of my favourite pieces of street art in Tel Aviv was the ‘steampunk plague doctors’…

Street Art Carmel Market Plague Doctors

I also found an owl painted in the Gibli style of ‘no-face’ from spirited away.

This crazy ‘octopus tree’ was making its way down the stairs…

Octopus tree Tel Aviv street art

Oh, and then I found this two headed ‘frenemy!’

Birdcap Frenemy Tel Aviv street art

For more outdoor art, visit the Florentin area in the South of the city. Find out more on and If you love street art, you might also like to read about street art in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

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