Things to do in Positano – 7 Amazing Experiences

things to do in Positano

Today’s blog on things to do in Positano is by Emilija Murdzoska, our fabulous apprentice.

One of the Amalfi’s coast most beautiful, luxury and romantic places, seaside treasure – Positano! Famous for its unique buildings painted in yellow, red and white set in the unique vertical cliffside. It’s full of beautiful villas, luxury hotels, stylish restaurants, and incredible sunsets. Positano is definitely one of those places where you just relax, drink Italian wine, and enjoy one of the most famous beaches on the Amalfi coast – Spagga Grande. It’s really hard not to fall in love with this place.

Italy, of course, is one of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

If you are heading to Italy this September, Positano is one of the must-visit places. From private luxury boats to dancing in one of the best clubs in Europe, Positano has to offer so many different experiences. Here are 6 most luxurious experiences you should absolutely experience in Positano:

Things to do in Positano

#1 Private Luxury Boat Tour of the Amalfi Coast and Capri

Things to do in Positano - Boat ride to Capri

If you would like to explore more on the Amalfi coast, there are so many different experiences that you can have by booking a private boat tour. Visiting Capri from Positano for a day can include stopping by on the best spots along the coast for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling and discovering the hidden corners of the Amalfi coast, with music and guaranteed fun. Have lunch at one of the many seaside restaurants to enjoy an unforgettable Mediterranean tasty meal! Sunset tours are perfect if you wish to spend an unforgettable romantic evening as a couple on a private luxury speedboat. Don’t miss out on seeing the Amalfi coast by boat – admire the landscapes and enjoy the sea while relaxing on board.

#2 Eat at Michelin Star Restaurant – Zass

The Amalfi’s Coast’s most famous terrace, with one of the most extraordinary views, is actually 2km away from Positano – part of the IL SAN PIETRO DI POSITANO. If you are interested in local food, Zass has one of the only kitchens in the world where everything is local, traditional and homemade – from bread to gelato, with an extensive local wine list! Zass is a unique food experience, with its own gardens where they grow fruit and vegetables for the restaurant.

#3 Dance the night away at Music on the Rocks

Music on the Rocks is a club is under the Rada Restaurant, inside the cliff face. What makes this club even more special is that even the interior looks like a cave. Music on the Rocks is one of the best clubs in Europe for location and music. For 40 years it has been the emblem of the music in the Positano and Amalfi coast. Reservations are recommended for a table and admission is allowed only for the guests staying in the hotels in Positano. Music on the Rocks offers a unique nightlife experience you’ll not find elsewhere.

#4 Stay at Le Sirenuse Hotel

Luxury, elegance and Italian vibe, characterize this wonderful hotel with the most beautiful view of Positano. It’s located in the very centre of Positano itself. Le Sirenuse is a wonderful place to enjoy the simple pleasures of Positano and the spectacular Amalfi Coast. A Champagne and Oyster Bar is part of this hotel with a breathtaking view over Positano. It’s home to another Michelin star restaurant with delicious Mediterranean food. As locals will tell you – ‘Positano is Le Sirenuse’

#5 Go for a Drink at  Sunset at Franco’s Bar

There’s no better place to have a drink than Franco’s bar, Part of the ultra-luxurious Le Sirenuse hotel. Designed like the bars back in the “golden area”.The choices of drinks will impress you, and guarantee you’ll enjoy one of the best views of Positano.

Franco’s bar is the only bar in Positano where they don’t serve food except for some snacks, believing that the food will distract you from the beautiful view that the bar has. The vibe up there is amazing. Franco’s bar is one of the must-visit places Positano.

Tip: it’s open in the evenings only after 5:30 PM, so book your table in advance.

#6 Enjoy your Vacation on a Private Beach

Laurito Beach can be accessed by boat or on foot from the square opposite the Hotel San Pietro. It is definitely one of the least crowded beaches in Positano. This beach is divided into a free and private part; which is a part of a small hotel.

As it’s small, reservations in one of the restaurants are necessary. So book in advance if you want to enjoy a private day at the beach.

things to do in Positano

#7 Visit the Iconic Church of Santa Maria Assunta

In the heart of Positano is the iconic Church of Santa Maria Assunta – a vital part of the seaside town’s cultural, religious and architectural landscape. This 10th Century building was once a Benedictine Monastery. The tilted dome is tiled with stunning yellow green and blue tiles that shine brightly in front of the blue mediterranean sky. The Church is just a few steps away from Marina Grande beach. Make sure that you go inside to admire the artwork inside the side chapels and above the alters.

Things to do in Positano – Tips for Visiting Positano

1. September may mean the end of the summer holidays, but actually is one of the best months of the year to visit Positano. The weather is still warm and the streets have quietened.

2. Eat a lot of gelato – locally made ice cream. 

3. Try Limoncello- an alcoholic beverage made from lemon skins soaked in alcohol for weeks.

4. Take a rain jacket and walking boots for coastal walks.

5. Spend at least 3 days in Positano to enjoy the beaches, coastal walks and soak up the architecture.

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