Travel Hacking UK – See the UK for as cheap as possible!

Travel Hacking UK – See the UK for as cheap as possible!

The UK is full of history culture and great pubs. If you didn’t already know, the UK (United Kingdom) consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is a small island with an excellent public transport network, making it ideal for a solo traveler.
However, if you want to spend time and travel in the UK, it will not be cheap. In fact, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit or to live.
So how can you travel to the UK on a budget? Here are my top five tips for travel hacking UK.

Top 5 Tips for Travel Hacks – UK

#1 Get out of London!

Get out of London! Get out of London as soon as possible. London is 3 times more expensive than the rest of England, particularly for accommodation. If you head off to Liverpool, Manchester, and York, you will find that there is just as much to do at half the price!

#2 Learn Travel Hacks – UK Trains

Trains can be very expensive in the UK. So learn travel hacks – UK trains to get good deals on transport. Book online and in advance with Virgin Trains. There are also cheap coaches available, such as the Mega Bus and National Express.

#3 Book Cheap Accommodation in Advance

Also, book accommodation in advance in the UK using a cheap booking service search as or You can also get cheaper last minute deals on and  If you are a student, ask if you can get a student discount with your ISIC card. If you are a blogger, ask if they offer a media rate.

#4 Food and drink

Food and drink can be expensive in the UK, particularly if you are buying drinks out at cafes and bars. If you really want to save the pounds, go out during the day with a packed lunch of sandwiches or croissants.
If you really want to be a cheapskate, find a Poundland! The UK has pound stores and home bargains in most of its towns and cities. You can buy drinks very cheap – sometimes six pack for 1 pound. You can also get cheap crisps and snacks – stock up your backpack!

When I was traveling in the UK, I found that I was spending between £15 and £30 a day on food eating out and using cafes. When I started to take a packed lunch and drinks with me, and cook in hostels, this was dramatically reduced to £3 or £4 pounds a day – up to a tenth of the price!

#5 Use Discount Cards and Coupons

Make sure that you ask for student discounts everywhere you go! Your ISIC student discount card can be used to enter many UNESCO world heritage sites and buses. Teachers can get an ITIC card (International Teachers Identity Card).
Also, research relevant discounts for the places that you visit. Many restaurants will coupons in the Time Out and Tourist Guides. You can also get discounts for meals and activities on Groupon.
If you have a Nectar Card, you can collect points on shopping at places like Sainsbury’s and redeem them on shopping and travel with Virgin Trains. You can also get Cashback on your shopping in the UK with TopCashback.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is so important as it will help you with emergencies and unexpected costs on your trip. Make sure that you declare any pre-existing health conditions so that you are covered for those. Check your cover for accidents and medical care and also lost baggage or getting things stolen. Remember to report as soon as something goes wrong on your trip because some travel insurance companies require you to report something that you want to claim for within 24 hours. Read the fine print carefully when you sign up. I always recommend World Nomads. You can get a free quote here:


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