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Vegan Edinburgh

Todays blog article is a guest post by my cousin Freya Kane who will be introducing you to Vegan Edinburgh.

Today, I’ll be sharing my favourite vegan spots from places I have been to, and researching some suggestions for you. Even if you’re not vegan, have a read! We all need to start being more conscious of our diets and how eating less meat can benefit us and the planet. Traveling is a great opportunity to do this. I love knowing that I am making efforts to protect and preserve all the wonderful places around the world – so then I can travel to them. Today’s focus is on Vegan Edinburgh.

Of course, technically, almost everyone can eat vegan! All of the places in my posts will be vegetarian friendly by nature. And I’ll be sure to point out if any eateries cater to different diets and dietary requirements. For example, by serving free-from options (no gluten, soy, nuts etc).

If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh and wondering where to eat vegan (always my main concern while travelling!), then not to worry. The amazing city that is Edinburgh has no shortage of options for us to enjoy. I have eaten completely vegan here multiple times now as I’ve been on two trips in the last 6 months or so, lucky me! The restaurants below were some of my favourite places. I would highly recommend that you visit these, especially if you enjoy baked goods, like me… 

The Best of Vegan Edinburgh

Naked Bakery

24a Hill St, Edinburgh EH2 3JZ

Gluten free options available

Head to the Naked Bakery if you want literal edible art! There are cakes, cupcakes, donuts and macarons galore. In all manner of colours and flavours. They also have a fantastic breakfast and lunch menu, which I didn’t get to try. But there’s always  next time! I did get an Oreo donut, peanut butter and jelly donut and some macarons – strawberry, caramel and birthday cake! Yes, you read that right, a birthday cake flavoured vegan macaron… complete with sprinkles! Amazing.

This cafe is really easy to access from Princes Street, it’s less than a 10 minute walk away, up Frederick Street and take a left onto Hill Street. Inside you’ll find plush chairs, gold accessories and very Instagram-able purple flower walls.


Vegan, gluten free options available 

Hendersons is an interesting one. They pride themselves on being the UK’s longest running vegetarian restaurant! They specialise in contemporary vegetarian and vegan cuisine. They actually have multiple sites in the city. They have a shop and deli, a main restaurant and a ‘Salad Table’ café venue. They are all right next to each other – just head to the corner of Hanover Street and Thistle Street (use Google Maps from Princes Street if you’re on foot) and you can decide which dining option is best for you!

I ate in the Salad Table restaurant which had a really lovely vibe. When you head down the stairs on Hanover Street you might have the option of sitting in the down stairs, underground part of the restaurant. I sat here and loved the intimate atmosphere, it was decorated nicely and dimly lit. Also – apparently, they have live Jazz music on Friday nights! There was a great variety of dishes on the menu (not all vegan). I had arancini, teriyaki spring rolls, and banana chocolate pudding! They had starters, mains, salads, desserts and different cakes to enjoy. Not to mention a great cocktail menu! 


Their formal dining venue (Thistle Street) is completely vegan. It has a smaller selection of food but it is a more fine dining menu, and it’s great to know that all the food is vegan friendly! If you’re looking to dine for an evening meal, you could try ringing ahead to book – just in case it gets busy. This restaurant also offers a selection of vegan wines, beers and fair trade coffees. 

Considerit – https://www.consideritchocolate.com/

3-5A Sciennes, Edinburgh EH9 1NH

Considerit offers ‘plant-based indulgence’. And indulgent it certainly is. More donuts, but you can never have too many in my opinion… This time, my friend and I tried chocolate & hazelnut, pistachio and S’mores flavours! The S’mores donut was definitely my favourite!

With a chocolate ganache filling, chocolate topping and vegan marshmallow on top. To. Die. For. Considerit is primarily a chocolate company! You can buy their chocolate creations in store, along with a whole variety of ice creams and milkshakes! They also do fantastic coffees. I had an oat milk cappuccino. Fun fact for you – oat milk tends to be the best milk for hot drinks, as it is less likely to curdle! 


Lazy Lettuce https://lazylettuce.co.uk/

Lazy Lettuce is somewhere I would love to try. Promising “the meatiest vegan burgers in Edinburgh”, Lazy Lettuce looks like a junk food vegan’s dream! This is actually a pop-up restaurant. You can find them at The Well Café (25 Nicolson Square) every Friday from 18:30 to 21:30 and Saturday from 18:30 to 21:00. Which is perfect if you’re in Edinburgh for a weekend trip. Their humble menu is entirely plant based. You can get loaded ‘chicken’ burgers or classic ‘cheese’ burgers. As well as skinny fries, milkshakes and soft drinks. 


Other Vegan Edinburgh Restaurants

The following also came up during my vegan-friendly research! 

  • Seeds For The Soul – this 100% vegan eatery can be found at 167 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4DG. They use organic and local produce and make their dishes from scratch where ever they can. The food looks fantastic, they have a Breakfast and Lunch menu. They also have some Mexican and Middle Eastern-inspired food, so if you like that kind of cuisine, give this restaurant a go! 
  • Hula Juice Bar – this has 2 locations (94A Fountainbridge, EH3 9QA & 103-105 West Bow, EH1 2JP). This menu has a fair few options listed as vegan (VE) but they regret that due to the size of the kitchen, they cannot guarantee no cross-contamination with allergens. This place looks like it would be great for a brunch! Expect avo on toast, acai bowls, sourdough sandwiches, smoothies, milkshakes and healthy juices.
  • Novapizza Vegetarian Kitchen – take a guess at what this location serves. Yep, Italian cuisine. This award-winning restaurant at 42 Howe Street, EH3 6TH serves sustainable and locally sourced produce. With an extensive menu of pizza, calzones and pasta as well as some amazing desserts! (Vegetarian & vegan – plenty of vegan options, just check the menu).

Further Reading on Edinburgh

If you’re spending time in Edinburgh, you might also want to read about how to spend one day in Edinburgh and taking an Edinburgh Castle Tour and how to spend one day in Edinburgh.

If you’d like to know more about becoming Vegan, visit Choose Veganism, where my friend Jenni will help you along the first steps of your Vegan journey.

What to Pack for UK

To help you pack for your trip to the UK, we created the below list of must-have items.

First of all, you need a plug converter as in England the power plugs and sockets are of type ‘G’: three-pin rectangular blade plugs. Be also aware that in the UK many power outlets have safety switches, so make sure you turn them on before use.

UK weather is well-known for being quite rainy and windy, so don’t forget a windproof travel umbrella and a raincoat like the one by Columbia below.

To avoid pickpockets, we recommend bringing with you a theft-proof backpack, a crossbody bag, and a money bag.

It is also a good idea to get a hanging toiletry bag, which is a fantastic way to keep all your belongings organized; and a practical rolling suitcase like the one below by Samsonite in lightweight polycarbonate.

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