Where to Hang out in Reykjavik! My Top 5 Cafes in Reykjavik

My aunty was enjoying my Facebook posts while I was in Iceland, but the number of ‘hot chocolate’ posts was increasing! “It seems that all you do in Reykjavik is sit in cafes?!?!?” she said jokingly! Actually, she was almost right!

It’s part of the travel blogger burden. Believe it or not, we do actually do work on the road! I usually write every other day when I am travelling. And this means finding a lot of cafes. The added advantage of this, is that we do become experts on coffee shops in every city that we visit!

Today, I’m here to give you my top 5 places to hang out and drink coffee in Reykjavik. If you have more to add to the list, please feel free to comment below.

Top 5 Cafes in Reykjavik

#1 Babalu

Location: Just on the way from the main street to Hallgrimskirja.

What’s Good about it? The vegetarian lasagne, the traditional homely feel, the STAR WARS BATHROOM!

Prices: About 2000 Krona will get you a nice meal.


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#2 Laundromat


What’s good about it? The wall is decorated with maps! Any travel blogger will love that! It is based on a retro laundromat design, and the walls are covered in retro laundry pictures – too cool for school! Downstairs, there are red washing machines where you can actually do your laundry!


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#3 Kaffitar

Location: Main street

What’s good about it? The coffee, the hot chocolate, the location, the street art that blends in with the external cafe design. Kaffitar is full of travel bloggers and digital nomads, and you can plug in your devices to charge!


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#4 Prikid


What’s good about it? Prikid is the oldest cafe in Reykjavik! It has a bar downstairs, and seating areas for food and drink upstairs.


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#5 Grai Kotturin

What’s good about it? The Grey Cat is a super chilled out place to sit and read and write. There are free books that surround you, and you can dip into them and have a read!


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Cafes in Reykjavik – Further Reading

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