Where to Stay in Jerusalem

Where to stay in Jerusalem

I loved the Holy city of Jerusalem so much, and had the chance to stay in and explore many different hotels and hostels during my time there. Today, I’d love to recommend where to stay in Jerusalem. I’ve split accommodation into three sections – Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury, so there’s something for every budget. I’m going to set out by explaining a bit about the different areas of the city where I would stay or avoid.

Where to stay in Jerusalem – Areas of the City to Avoid

I would highly recommend that you look carefully at the area of a hotel before booking. There are some areas of Jerusalem that, personally, I would avoid when I go back. I originally stayed in Ras-Al-Amud up past the Mount of Olives.

Mount of Olives
Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives

Although I felt safe there, many local Israelis were concerned about the area. I was not sure if that was due to the Israel Palestine conflict, or a genuine concern. However, the perpetrator in a recent stabbing of a British girl on the Metro (Good Friday 2017) was by someone from Ras-Al-Amud. The other issue with this area is that it is a bit of a walk down a large hill to the old city. If you are walking, it may be better to stay in West Jerusalem, near Mehane Yehuda. Eastern Jerusalem is generally not viewed as so safe.

The Old City itself is not necessarily the best place to stay either. Most of the night life and markets are actually outside the Old City to the West, rather than inside the old city. The old city is split into four quarters – Christian, Jewish, Armenia and Muslim. It can be home to some underlying religious tensions.

After dark, not much goes on in the old city after the shop shutters come down, and it can feel a little ‘spooky’ even though it may be safe. Just outside of Damascus Gate is not always safe, there are reports of unwanted male attention by solo female travellers – I will admit that I once got groped near there by a 14 year old!

Avoid staying in or walking through Mea She’arim, as it is an ultra-orthodox area and sometimes home to religious or political protest, which has been reported by locals to involve throwing stones at cars driving through on the Sabbath.

Where to Stay in Jerusalem – The best neighbourhoods for Tourists

Overall, I would advise staying just outside the city or in Modern ‘downtown’ Jerusalem. Near Mount Zion just outside the city walls is a good destination if you are mainly walking around the old city.  You can easily enter the Old City to look round in the daytime. The recommended hotel near there is Dan Boutique Hotel.

Downtown in modern Jerusalem is probably the best choice. Abraham Hostel is near Davidka Square and surrounded by shops, markets and transport links. Anywhere near to Ben Yehuda and Ha Nevi’im St is a good location. I found downtown Jerusalem to be clean, safe and easy to navigate. During my trip (3 weeks in March 2017) I did not experience anything untoward in this area. Stay close to the main streets for the transport links and nightlife.

Low Budget Accommodation in Jerusalem

The best place to stay particularly if you’re on a lower budget, travelling solo and love to meet people is Abraham’s Hostel. They hosted us during TBEX Jerusalem 2017 and put on some great parties. It’s close to the Mehane Yehuda market.

Abraham’s Hostel is very popular with backpackers and bloggers because it has free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned rooms as well as public areas for socialising. It’s located just in front of a tram and bus stop, so you can get into the city and see all of the iconic landmarks with ease.  The hostel has a bar and large communication kitchen and also serves a continental breakfast. There are also charging facilities for your phone and laptop.

There’s also an Abraham’s Hostel in Tel Aviv and one in Nazareth if you are looking to travel around Israel. Connecting buses will ferry you between their hostels making travel around Israel simple and easy.

Alternatively, you could check into the Post Hostel, which is an attractive yet inexpensive alternative. There is free Wi-Fi, an onsite bar and a 24-hour front desk in case you need assistance. You’ll also be able to use the shared kitchen and rooftop too if you need to either cook something or just fancy relaxing under the stars.

Mid-Range Accommodation in Jerusalem

Mid range accommodation in Jerusalem for people on a mid budget is the Dan Boutique hotel. This is the perfect place for people who have a little bit more cash to spend and offers you very modern rooms with a minibar, a safe to store valuables, and all the facilities you need to make tea and coffee. There’s free parking for those with vehicles, and also a lobby restaurant where you can eat. It’s close to Zion gate, making the old city accessible by foot (approx 10 minute walk).

Another great hotel in a great area of Jerusalem (Talbiya) is the Prima Royale Hotel. It has 133 fully furnished rooms and suites, all modern and designed to suit travellers. The Prima Royale Hotel is less than a mile away from the Old City.

Where to Stay in Jerusalem on a Luxury Budget

Mamilla hotel on King Solomon Street is one of the most well known and leading hotels in Jerusalem. It was a little out of my price range, but I managed to stretch to a hot chocolate and blogging session in the lobby bar.

The rooms are stunning, and they’re all equipped with LCD TV’s, and also pure Egyptian cotton sheets.

There’s a wellness centre, which includes a spa and indoor swimming pool, so when you’re not looking at the landmarks and exploring the area, you can relax in style. There’s even a sauna and massage parlour available on site, so you can enjoy all that there is to offer in the hotel when you’re not on the go.

If budget isn’t restrictive, you can always stay at the King David Hotel – a famous landmark in the city. There’s an outdoor pool for guests to use, as well as some stunning panoramic views.

The air conditioned rooms are the height of luxury, all having high-quality television and marble bathrooms. King David Hotel also has a modern fitness centre, where you can enjoy a tennis court as well as the usual facilities.

If you are looking for accommodation in Jerusalem, you can compare prices on where to stay in Jerusalem on booking.com, or Agoda.

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