The Best Soho Restaurants London has to Offer

The Best Soho Restaurants London has to Offer

The thriving West End district of Soho is a diverse mix of restaurants, shops and nightlife. Soho is the perfect place to do some shopping, followed by a meal and drinks before a West End show. Remember, however, that it is a little ‘risqué’, to say the least. Be open to the high number of sex shops and gay and lesbian bars in the area – it adds to its liberal atmosphere. Soho kind of reminds me of Pigalle in Paris – home to the heart of the sexual revolution! There are some amazing Soho restaurants London has on offer. Here are some of the best.

Soho Restaurants London


Of course, the vibe in Blanchette can also be crucial for making sure that you have a good time. The emphasis is on making sure that you appreciate the exquisite culture and several regulars which many areas in Soho. We know that the ambience here is pleasant and is something you should visit if you have the chance.

The Blue Posts

A much darker colour palette is at work here. Subdued hues of green and brown serve as the theme for The Blue Posts, a public house and eatery in Soho. Do not be fooled by this more muted decor; the food here is of high quality consistently. There are meat and vegetable dishes, all of which showcase excellent cooking skills.

But perhaps the tastiest element of the restaurant is the atmosphere. This place is quieter and more sophisticated than some, focusing less on catering to the mainstream crowd and more contenting itself with the softer and more soulful.


So, what do we have here? Barshu is a restaurant which specialises in Chinese cuisine and specifically focuses on the more spicy and exotic combinations. You won’t find anything unusually mild and meek here, which is precisely why it’s so popular with the diehard spice fans. What we’ve also found is that when it comes to hotter foods, they can also be delicious. Just ask anyone you like, and they’ll tell you – a meal from here is the right choice every time.

The vibe is a big part of what makes this such an appealing place to go and visit – after all, people like to be where the atmosphere is exciting, and the vibe is one of vibrancy and excitement. That’s exactly what you get here – very befitting of the hot meals.

Bob Bob Ricard

When you’re looking for luxury and want to be able to know how to get it, this is the Soho restaurant which you go to. This place is one which offers a unique vibe and one which could not be more sophisticated while still being immeasurably relaxed.

Crystal, velvet and blue leather – these are just some of the more common sights when people enter Bob Bob Ricard. It’s lovely to see all of the different decor pieces work in tandem, and you would be surprised at exactly how well everything fits in. The food is spectacular, and there’s plenty of drinks to go around. But the desserts…..the desserts are divine!

Like all of the other places which we have talked about on our list, this is one of those where you would be able to experience a pretty broad selection of different cultures all fused into one. It’s the beauty of Soho – there are so many different ideas and attitudes all merging together, borrowing inspiration from each other and collaborating to create something unique.

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