Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


The Blue Lagoon is near the top of almost everyone’s bucket list. After all, who would miss out on a geothermal spa experience in iceland?

I went on two fantastic tours yesterday with Reykjavik Excursions – the Golden Circle tour and the Northern Lights. Prior to that, I had also done a Game of Thrones tour and travelled along the South Coast to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon with Gray Line Iceland. I’d done about 1000 miles of travelling in 5 days! Needless to say that I really needed a relax, and the Blue Lagoon is indeed, perfect for that.

As the Blue Lagoon is so relaxing, and also so close to Keflavik International airport, it is the ideal last day day activity. I recommend it towards the end of your time here to chill out after all of the exciting activities that Iceland has to offer, including hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and snowmobiles!

I think that the Blue Lagoon is the perfect way to end a holiday in Iceland. You can even get a ticket with Reykjavik Excursions that drops you off at the Blue Lagoon in the morning and then at the airport in the afternoon for an afternoon or evening flight.

Reykjavik Excursions offer transfers to the Blue Lagoon both with and without entrance. I headed to the Blue Lagoon with Photographer Globetrotting Donna, for a relaxing afternoon.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

The Blue Lagoon is a natural phenomena, and classified by National Geographic as one of the 25 wonders of the natural world.

The lagoon is an enclave of sea water geothermally heated in the middle of a lava . It has now been kitted out with changing rooms, restaurants and spa facilities and has lifeguards on site.

Prices at the Blue Lagoon

I recommend the standard entrance, because you can add extras during your visit by scanning your electronic bracelet. Standard entrance is 40€ and includes a silica mud mask.

There are several upgrade packages…

COMFORT – Add 15€ to include a towel, an algae mask, and your first drink.

PREMIUM – Add another 15€ to include bath robe, slippers and a reservation at the Lava Restaurant (plus sparkling wine).

LUXURY – From 195€ you can enjoy all of the above, plus a luxury Spa Journey product set and entrance to the exclusive lounge.

Click here for a full price list at the Blue Lagoon. You can also book your Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland online.

Blue Lagoon Facts

  • The water temperature is 37-40°C all year round.
  • It takes 40 hours for the water in the Blue Lagoon to renew.
  • The geothermal water has a unique composition, featuring three active ingredients – Silica, Algae & Minerals
  • The Blue Lagoon is mostly around 0.8-1.2 metres deep, and is 1.6m at it’s deepest part.

My Blue Lagoon Experience

Did I enjoy the Blue Lagoon? Absolutely. I would totally recommend it to anyone visiting Iceland. The water was so warm and healing for my aching muscles. It was a very luxurious experience indeed.

The silica mud-mask (included in the price pf a standard Blue Lagoon ticket) was a treat for my skin. My skin is very oily and the mask cleansed and softened it, clearing out my pores. I loved the fact that you can just swim up to the in pool mud-mask bar or drinks bar while you are bathing. My skin is usually quite oily and can have blemishes, but it was so soft and clear following my Blue Lagoon Spa day.

However, the Blue Lagoon is quite touristy – prepare yourself for that! Make sure that you give yourself enough time to explore the rest of what Iceland has to offer, in the way of amazing waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers. Get out of Reykjavik and Keflavik to appreciate the true beauty of this incredible country. Iceland is well and truly blessed in natural wonders.

There are many other geothermal spas all around Iceland. Many are cheaper and less commercial, so if you have time, try out some of the others too.

Tips on Visiting the Blue Lagoon

  • You will have to shower naked before entering the Blue Lagoon. Icelandic people are very particular about cleanliness before swimming.
  • When you come out of the lagoon, shower and then dry yourself off before heading to the changing rooms.
  • Take a Waterproof Camera or a waterproof iPhone case. I nearly lost my iPhone in the Lagoon!
  • Take your tower and swimming costume, because if you forget them, hiring a towel is 900 Krona (nearly £5!)
  • You will get a digital armband that you can scan to lock your locker. This also works as a tab – any drinks or extras that you get in the Lagoon can be added to it, and you pay at the end when you check out.
  • There are toiletries (Blue Lagoon Shower Gel and Conditioner) supplied at the Blue Lagoon, so you don’t need to worry about packing those unless you prefer your own.
  • There are ‘mud buckets’ containing silica face mask that you can apply in the Blue lagoon itself and then wash off in the water. This is included in the standard price, so swim up the the mud bar and take advantage.
  • Don’t get the silica mud mask in your hair! It can make it very brittle.
  • Don’t worry about the weather – it is extremely warm in the lagoon! Also, the weather changes all of the time in Iceland, just carry on regardless!
  • Take sunglasses if it is a sunny day, as the sun reflects off the water.
  • Check if your excursion includes a Blue Lagoon ticket, or is a transfer only. If it is transfer only, pre-book your Blue Lagoon entrance on the official website to avoid disappointment.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after bathing in the lagoon, because staying in arm water for prolonged periods of time can make you dehydrated.
  • If you want to eat in the Lava restaurant, book in advance.
  • Wash thoroughly after your bathe in the Blue Lagoon – it can feel extremely itchy!
  • Icelandic people may walk around the changing rooms naked – Iceland is very liberal, so don’t be alarmed by this!

Blue Lagoon Hair – Is it really a Thing?!

Many people say that the lagoon will wreck your hair. It is saturated with natural minerals and silica. If you are really paranoid, you can wear a bathing cap or pin your hair up and not get it wet.

I went all in, and was fine. Basically, I slathered my hair with conditioner and left it in all morning before I went to the lagoon. You do have to shower thoroughly before going in (NAKED remember!) When I was in the lagoon, I did get my hair wet, but I avoided getting the silica face and body mask on it – the silica is the hair killer!

If you already have dry skin and hair, it could be a different story, and you might want to keep your hair out of the water. My philosophy – dive right in! 😉

I also recommend a visit to the Viking Museum Iceland, the Golden Circle tour and some of the best cafes in Reykjavik.

*This article is sponsored by Reykjavik Excursions (who gave me a free transfer), ODDSSON Ho(s)tel and Worldpackers (who provided me with free accommodation) and The Blue Lagoon, which gave me a 50% media discount on my standard ticket. What you see is what you get with my blog, and all of my sponsors are declared. Many thanks to them for making my trip possible.

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