The Best Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia is the name to a historic region of Turkey that is now part of Central Anatolia.  It is named for the people who lived there in Ancient Greek times when their territory ran from Mount Taurus to the Black Sea.  Cappadocia tours are the best way to see the many amazing features of the area including the fairy chimneys and underground cities.

Göreme tours

Göreme is a historic town that is famous for being among the many fairy chimneys of the area of Cappadocia.  It has had lots of names through history and was given Göreme when it was chosen as a tourist centre in modern times.

Göreme: Dinner and Folk Show at a Cave Restaurant

One of the classic Cappadocia tours is to make the most of the caves that dot the area and this experience is a great example.  In it, you will visit one of the cave restaurants around Göreme to watch a folk show that includes dances from around Turkey. See the national costume and hear the national music including an authentic belly dance.  Then enjoy a meal with unlimited drinks while the dancers perform.

Red Tour: North Cappadocia with Göreme Open-Air Museum

This is a seven-hour tour that starts with a visit to Avanos, which is famous for the earthenware pottery made there.  You will get the chance to see the Hittite technique in action before moving on to Çavusin, one of the oldest settlements in the area.  Here people still live in rock-cut and stone houses amid the fairy chimneys. 

You will then visit the Göreme Open Air Museum before seeing the fairy chimneys of Pasabag Valley.  Finally, see Uschisar Rock Castle, the highest point in the area and finish with a wine tasting session at Ürgup.

Göreme Open Air Museum and Fairy Chimneys Full-Day Tour

If you are fascinated by the natural landscape of Cappadocia, then this tour includes the best of it.  it starts with the Devrent Imagination Valley which has animal-like natural formations in the rock before visiting Pasabag Valley with its mushroom fairy chimneys.  Next, visit Avanos and see the tile and pottery workshops there before enjoying lunch in a local restaurant.

The next stop is the Göreme Open Air Museum which includes 10th-century frescoes and Byzantine art in rock-cut churches.  Then you will visit Esentepe Wish Hill, known for its views across the area and finally stop at Uschisar Rock Castle.

Cappadocia balloon tours

Cappadocia hot air ballooning is one of the most famous things to do in the area.  With the mountainous landscape of the region, sometimes the best way to appreciate it’s beauty is from the air and these balloon tours are the perfect way to do this.

Istanbul to Cappadocia

Cappadocia Tours: Hot Air Balloon Flight

This balloon tour will transfer you from your hotel to the launch site where you enjoy coffee or tea and breakfast while the balloons prepare.  Then as the sun rises, the balloon will load up and rise to about 300 metres for the best 360-degree views of the area.  The ride will be around an hour long, weather-dependent and includes the chance to see the most amazing rock formations across the area from above.

The Sunrise Balloon Flight over Cappadocia

Sunrise is the best time to see the landscape of Cappadocia and this balloon tour is organised around it.  You will be collected from your hotel and taken to the departure site for a light breakfast before departing.  You can see the balloon inflating and the checks that pilots go through before departing.

Then you will get the chance to see the landscape in the most unique way.  Learn about the forces that created the landscape with its fairy chimneys and mountains.  At the end of the rise, celebrate with a glass of champagne and collect your commemorative flight certificate.

Around Cappadocia tours

Göreme may be the largest settlement in the area but there are lots of other places to see around it.  Whether you are travelling from Istanbul to Cappadocia for a day trip or plan to spend longer in the area, these Cappadocia tours will show you the best of the region.

Cappadocia Rose Valley & Kaymakli Underground City Tours

This tour starts with the Red Valley and the famous rock-cut churches that are found there.  It involves a hike of around 2km to see Cauvsin village.  The original settlement was abandoned due to avalanches but there are still rock-cut houses and several hermitages to see.  Following lunch, you will then travel to Pigeon Valley.

In the afternoon, visit the underground city of Kaymakli, where early Christians lived to avoid persecution.  With over 100 tunnels, this is one of the most fascinating of the underground cities and once spanned eight floors, although only four are now safe to explore.  It was also used in wartime to hide around 5,000 people.

Full-Day Small Group Cappadocia Green Tour

This tour covers the heights to beneath the ground!  The tour starts with a visit to Esentepe with its views across Göreme, its fairy chimneys and cave houses.  Then visit the Derinkuyu underground city and see the churches, wineries, school and study rooms that were once home to thousands of people.  After this, you will see the rock-cut churches of the Ihlara Valley and walk along the river before stopping for lunch in Belisirma.  Finally, you will visit the Selime Monastery – which featured in the Star Wars movies!

Cappadocia Tours: 2 Day Tour from Kayseri

If you are staying in Kayseri for your trip, then this two day tour departs from the town.  First, see the fairy chimneys around Göreme before visiting the 3,500 year old underground city of Derinkuyu.  Go down eight floors if you are brave enough to see the rock-cut city that people lived in for many generations.  After lunch, go to the Ihlara Valley and take a 3.5km hike.  After lunch at Yaprakhisar, see the conical formations that featured in Star Wars before visiting the Selime Monastery.

Day two of the tour starts with Uschisar Castle where you will learn about the long history of Cappadocia.  Then on to the Göreme Open Air Museum, the Cauvsin Old Village and Pasabag Valley.  Here you will stop for lunch in a local restaurant before going on to Devrent Valley with its animal-shaped rock formations.  Finally, see the Anatolian carpets being made at the Carpet Factory and then return to Kayseri.

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