Dormition Abbey Photo Gallery – A Celebration of the Virgin Mary

Dormition Abbey Hungarian Chapel

Dormition Abbey, located on Mount Zion (near Zion gate) is a German Catholic Church that was built on the spot where the Virgin Mary is said to have lived and died. Historically, the Church was built on the ruins of a Byzantine Church.

We arrived at Dormition Abbey early (arrived 8.30am) to experience the stunning architecture before it got busy. The Church itself is a beautiful celebration of Mary, mother of God.

In the the main Church area, explore the surrounding mosaic art that depicts the three wise men and Mary holding baby Jesus.


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Head down the stairs on the right into the crypt to see a life-like sculpture of Mother Mary as she is laid to rest.  The mosaic art continues, representing Mary, Jesus and the disciples.


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According to Catholic tradition, the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven, both body and soul. ‘Dormition Abbey’ is the name given to imply that this is the place where Mary ‘fell asleep’.

The Hungarian Chapel in the Crypt of Dormition Abbey is stunningly beautiful with extensive colourful mosaics – don’t miss it.

Dormition Abbey Hungarian Chapel

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