Egypt Tours

Egypt Tours

There’s no surprise that many Egypt tours have a focus on the amazing history of the country.  But that’s not to say it is only a history buff’s place to visit.  There are lots of things from more recent times that are worth seeing, amazing landscapes and the best modern features. 

Ancient Egypt tours

The Ancient Egyptian civilisation is one of the most famous in history with its pyramids, mummies and amazing statues.  There is still a great deal to see across Egypt even so many centuries after the civilisation ended and some locations are must-see places when you visit Egypt.  From the majestic pyramids of Giza, just outside Cairo, to the temples along the Nile, the past is everywhere in Egypt and no trip there would be complete without seeing some of it.

Cairo: Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum & Bazaar Full-Day Tour

Instantly recognisable, the Giza Pyramids are the best-known symbol of Ancient Egypt and this day tour allows you to see them as well as the Egyptian Museum and also the Khan El Khalili Bazaar.  The Cairo museum is home to the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun as well as over 120,000 other art and historical wonders.  You can also see the Great Sphinx which stands guard before the pyramids.

Egypt tours - Pyramids of Giza

Day Trip to Valley of the Kings, Luxor

The Valley of the Kings is one of those must-see Egyptian highlights and contains the burial place of many of the best-known kings and queens of Ancient Egypt.  This Valley of the Kings day tour from Hurghada includes the Temple of Karnak, the Colossi of Memnon as well as the impressive temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  The tour includes lunch at a restaurant in Luxor and all entry fees.

From Aswan: Private Tour to Abu Simbel

The rock cut temples of Abu Simbel with their giant statues standing guard are definitely on the list for those interested in Ancient Egypt – and anyone who loves a great photo opportunity!  This eight hour tour of Abu Simbel from Aswan includes the Great Temple of Ramses II and the temple of Queen Nefertari as well as the famous mural of Ramses II at the Battle of Qadesh.

Rosetta: Day Tour

One of the most important developments in understanding the hieroglyphic language of Ancient Egypt was the Rosetta Stone.  This Rosetta stone day tour from Alexandria with Viator Travel includes the chance to see the stone in the museum where it rests, in the town of the same name.  The tour also includes the chance to visit the island of Abu Mandor, see where the River Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea and admire the many traditional Islamic monuments in the area.

Day long Egypt tours

Even on a short holiday to Egypt, there are plenty of day trips you can take to see the best in the country.  And if you happen to enjoy something beyond those amazing pyramids and temples, these are the kind of tours that will appeal to you.

Cairo Citadel, Old Cairo & Khan El Khalili Full-Day Tour

Cairo is the capital of modern Egypt and a historic city with sites to see from various different ages.  This Cairo and Khan El Khalili full day tour is the best way to see the main sites and includes Old Cairo and the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.  It includes a visit to the Cairo Citadel for amazing views over the city and other sites such as the Hanging Church and the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

From Hurghada: Swimming with Dolphins Snorkelling Tour

Mention Egypt and most people will think desert but there’s also an extensive coastline with some great places to visit and activities.  This snorkelling tour from Hurghada is a perfect example and gives you the chance to swim with wild dolphins in the open sea as well as snorkelling to explore the coral reefs just off the coast.  Hop on the Banana Boat for a ride, spot the dolphins and enjoy a delicious lunch on the cruise section of the tour.  It includes a snorkel guide and all equipment. Remember not to touch saline or get too close to the dolphins – observe eco tourism and do not take coral from reefs.

From Hurghada: 3-Hour Desert Safari by Quad Bike

The Bedouin are the occupants of the desert and have maintained their way of life for centuries.  This Desert Safari by Quad Bike tour lets you glimpse what that life is like with a three hour tour on quad bikes to explore the desert and visit a Bedouin village for a cup of black tea.  You also get the chance to ride a camel!

Alexandria: Day Tour

Alexandria was the city originally built by Alexander the Great and still contains buildings from that time.  This day tour of historical Alexandria from Cairo includes the famous Library of Alexandria and the Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  You can also take a walking tour through the old city centre and visit the oldest church, St Mark.

Sharm el-Sheikh: Evening Desert Tour with Bedouin Dinner

See life in a Bedouin village in the Egyptian desert with this 7 hour tour – and get the chance to ride a camel too!  This Sharm el-Sheikh desert tour includes a buffet dinner with the Bedouins and an evening stargazing in the desert.  Includes a tour guide, meals and pick up from Sharm El Sheikh.

Longer Egypt Tours

When you are staying in Egypt for a slightly longer period, then tours that last two, three or more days can be a great way to see a host of locations while being with an experienced tour guide.

Cairo: 2-Day Bahariya Oasis Camp and Desert Tour

Leaving from Cairo, this two day Bahariya Oasis Camp and desert tour lets you take in some of the most stunning locations in Egypt.  You can see the Bahariya Oasis, the unique views of the Crystal Mountain and also see the White Desert National Park Museum.  Overnight accommodation is in Al Haiz before visiting the Mummies Museum at the Bahariya Oasis.  Transports are by private 4×4 and meals are included in the price.

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