I’m Engaged, but still Travel Solo!

I got engaged on New Years Eve, but people are questioning why I have travelled alone for a month in Serbia and Iceland without my new fiance. Here’s why I’m engaged but travel solo….
First off, my fiance works a full time job, whereas I have an online business and can work from anywhere. So basically, it is much easier for me to go when I like. Sy has to ask a boss for time off, but he wouldn’t want me to miss any opportunities.
That’s true love, when someone puts your happiness before their own. He doesn’t want me to be away from him too often, but he knows it’s essential for my sanity, and he wants me to be happy.

Why Solo Travel can be good for Relationships

Personally, I actually find my solo travel good for both of us, and good for the relationship. My life wouldn’t be complete without my travel, I am a culture vulture, always looking for the next adventure.
He likes to go out with his friends at home. It gives him the board game/playstation time that he needs, while I get the travel and girly time that I need.
We have 100% trust, so there are no issues. Also, I have been an avid traveller since we met 20 years ago, so I guess that he’s kind of used to it!

The Downside to Travelling without you Partner

Admittedly, there have been a few times when I have been abroad and really missed Simon. In Sofia, Bulgaria, last year, I had been away for almost three weeks and really started to miss him. I also wished he was travelling with me when I got sick in Serbia.

I also suffer from mild anxiety, epilepsy and asthma. I have had to learn how to manage my medical conditions and panic attacks myself. That means sometimes paying out more to have extra help when I travel solo.

Sometimes, we do Travel Together!

Sometimes, when he can get time off work, we travel together. I just find that I do different things when I’m with him, to when I’m on my own, and it’s good to have variety. I went to a Barcelona FC match in Barcelona, something I would have never done had I been travelling alone, but I really enjoyed it!

The Benefits of Returning from a Solo Trip

After a solo trip, it’s actually is a really great feeling to look forward to seeing him again after a trip. It also means so much more to talk about.

I absolutely loved my recent solo trip to Iceland. I met the fabulous Globetrotting Donna, and we had plenty of girly time, including cafes and a dip in the Blue Lagoon. Did I miss Sy? Of course I missed him! But I also had an amazing time travelling solo. I often find that you are not really solo anyway, I always meet great people.

Engaged but Travel Solo – That’s me!

None of this ‘living in each others pockets’ kind of relationship for me! Never let anyone judge your relationship by their standards. If you’re engaged but travel solo and it works for both of you, that’s just great.
Go solo and enjoy, just don’t forget to keep checking in!

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