My Spanish Blunders!

My Spanish Blunders

In preparation for Spain and South America, me and Sy have been studying Spanish part time for one semester at York St John’s University. We recently both passed our continuation course, with a 2:1 average – permission to brag?!

But, it wasn’t all rosy. Maybe it’s time for me to let the cat out of the bag and share my Spanish Blunders! Learning a language is never easy, but it’s always hilarious….

Amy’s Spanish Blunders

Spanish Blunder No.1 – Dogs or Leeks?

I posted on my Facebook wall ‘Me gusta los puerros’ with a picture of the gorgeous Jasper and Titch (my dog friends from

My Spanish friends were all too quick to point out that I had said ‘I like Leeks!’ Perros (dogs) not Puerros (Leeks)!

Spanish Blunder No. 2 – How many Assholes?!?!

We used to meet in a York cafe for Spanish practice with a small study group. I promptly asked Eli ‘Quantos anos tienes?’ How old are you? Literally translated as ‘how many years do you have?’ I was very confused when she answered ‘uno!’ and then burst into hysterics.

I’d actually asked ‘How many anuses do you have?’ Remember – Años not anos (anus!) – ‘ñ’ should be pronounced like nya as in mañana (tomorrow). 😉

discovering Gaudi in Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Spanish Blunder No. 3 – I’m Gonna Hit you with my Credit Card!

We had to record videos for our assessment, and one of them was a shopping role play. I set up a ‘clothes shop’ in my spare room, and invited my Spanish friend, Eli to feature in my film.

I was so pleased when I had successfully asked for different colours and sizes, before closing the appropriate dress for my dinner date, all in Spanish.

However, I ended the conversation promptly, by suggesting that I was going to hit her with my credit card! I said ‘payar con tarjeta’ (hit with my card) instead of ‘pagar con tarjeta’ (pay with my card)!

If you wanna check out the video, it’s on YouTube!

Spanish Blunder No. 4 What goes in the Dishwasher?

Ok, so I can’t believe that I actually said this, or that I’m blogging it. Here goes – my most embarrassing language blunder ever. ‘Mi Amiga’ will certainly not let me forget this one…
I was asked to explain ‘la rutina diaria’ – my daily routine. I confidently explained in Spanish how I got up, had a shower, ate breakfast and cleaned my teeth, all in pretty good Spanish.

I then told her that at 8 O clock every morning, me and my ‘prometido’ (fiance) put the cutlery in the dishwasher. ‘Mi Amiga’ expressed a look of shock-horror and she then exploded into a fit of giggles.

I got the words ‘vajilla’ and ‘vagina’ mixed up. So there you have it, I announced that ‘Every morning at 8 O’Clock, me and my fiancé put my vagina in the dishwasher!’ #LanguageFail

Have you ever made an extremely embarrassing error when learning another language? If so, please share!

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