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Flixbus Review Europe travel

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Portugal and Spain this year, because I enrolled to study Portuguese at Coimbra university. I’ve taken the opportunity to travel extensively in the Iberian peninsula using buses and trains. A lot of my readers are asking for a Flixbus review for Europe, so in today’s blog I share my honest opinion.

Where does Flixbus go? Flixbus Destinations in Europe

Flixbus Europe Review travel routes

Is Flixbus Legit?

So, is Flixbus legit? Yes, it absolutely is! Flixbus is s not a rip off or a scam, it’s a real bus company that is based in Germany and operates buses throughout Europe. I would advise to only buy tickets from the actual Flixbus website here, and not through third party bookings.

My Flixbus Reviews – Journeys taken in Europe

I’ve taken the Flixbus around Portugal and Spain using it for journeys between one hour and five hours long. I’ve not used it for longer journeys but I believe that you can even do Lisbon to Madrid on them! My main use for Flixbus has been to get from Porto airport to Coimbra to study and also from Coimbra to other Portuguese destinations including Braga and Lisbon. I’ve also taken the Flixbus from faro in the algarve through into Spain to visit Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

I’ve also used Flixbuses last year in Belgium as well connecting the major cities and Brussels to Brussels airport. Overall, using Flixbus was a very easy and pleasant experience!

Me on Flixbus Portugal!

Here I am on the Flixbus in Portugal, en route from Porto airport to Coimbra, for my University studies (Português!)

My Flixbus Europe Review
Here I am on the Flixbus from Porto Airport to Coimbra in Portugal

Does Flixbus have internet?

Yes Flixbus usually has WIFI so that you can update your social media, contact friends or family and book onward travel while you are on the go. Just once or twice have I experienced a Flixbus with no internet. So, what should you do if your WIFI isnt working on your Flixbus? Definitely fill in the feedback form on their website. You will also get a follow up email with a questionnaire so I always mention it in that.

The pros of using Flixbus in Europe

My experiences of using Flixbus in Europe have been on the whole really positive. The buses usually run on time (although in Portugal you might expect some delays). The buses are comfortable and most of them have WiFi. They connect most major cities in Spain, Portugal and other countries in Europe. When they do longer journeys they do stop for toilet stops and snacks. Most have toilets and the buses also have air conditioning. The seats were comfy and safety was good – all the Flixbus buses I used had working seatbelts. Flixbus buses have a compartment underneath for suitcases and I never had a problem with this – my bags were always there at the end of my journey! There have been USB charging points on my of the Flixbuses that I’ve used – if you can’t see it, look up as it may be above your head!

  • Many destinations throughout Europe
  • Comfortable seats with reasonable amount of leg room
  • Cheap tickets and excellent value for money
  • Good level of safety including seatbelts
  • Luggage storage compartment under the bus
  • Usually run frequently and on time
  • Many have WIFI
  • Some have onboard toilets
  • USB Charges available on most buses
  • Air Conditioning and sun curtains
  • Booking online is easy through the website or the app
Legroom on Flixbus Europe
Flixbus Reviews – a little tight but enough leg room (I am tall!)

Flixbus is Excellent Value

I have to say that Flixbus really is excellent value, making it a great option for students and budget backpackers. It is better to book in advance if you can, by at least a couple of days, because when you book last minute the price increases (sometimes even double). For example, it’s possible to get a flixbus ticket from Coimbra to Portro for just €7.99 or even cheaper, but leave it until the last day and you could end up paying €14.99 for the same journey.

Cons of Flixbus

As with any form of transport, nothing is perfect. There have been a couple of times I’ve used them when it has advertised free WiFi but it wasn’t working, or advertised a toilet out of order, but these times were minimal. The drivers I have used have driven safely and not been speeding. Some of the drivers don’t speak English so make some effort to learn the basics of the language for the country that you are travelling to.

The main downside to Flixbus I would say is their refund policy which is quite strict. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and understand that it is usually no refunds. Sometimes in some circumstances they will give a refund if there has been a delay of over 2 hours and sometimes you can cancel but depending on how far in advance it will be no refund or 50%, and they may give that in vouchers. The one time there was a significant delay I took a private transfer instead (because it was an airport run) and I had to forfeit the cost of my ticket.

A summary of the cons of Flixbus

  • Occasionally late departures without refunds.
  • Refund Policy – No refunds for any unused tickets unless the bus is over 2 hours late (even then you might get a voucher not a cash refund!)
  • Location of pick up can sometimes be confusing or poorly signposted.
  • Sometimes on board toilets are out of order (but they will stop if you ask!)
  • Occasionally they don’t have the WIFI onboard that is advertised.
  • Drivers aren’t always English speaking (but hey, isn’t it time we made the effort to learn THEIR language?!)
  • No trolley service for snacks!
  • Steep steps to board the bus (not great for accessibility)

Tips for using Flixbus

don’t bother paying for a specific seat or free seat beside you. You often get space on them anyway. It’s only worth doing this if you want to pay for the very front seat due to travel sickness. The cost of Flixbus tickets becomes more expensive the closer it gets to your day and time of travel so it’s cheaper to book in advance if you can. However if it’s for a Flixbus after a flight allow yourself time for delays (or book it once you are through security).

Finally make sure that you don’t forget your luggage from underneath when you arrive at your destination -it’s unlikely that you will be covered for this on your insurance!! Although Flixbus will try to help you get left luggage back there is a chance it may go missing if you leave it or it gets stolen. Therefore pack all important and expensive items in your hand luggage carry on – such as packing a backpack with your phone, money, passport and laptop.

Flixbus Review Europe travel

The Flixbus App

I would recommend downloading the app – you can receive your ticket directly to your phone which has a QR code that can be scanned by a driver. Also check if you have been allocated a seat or not. Sometimes, your journey won’t have a seat number allocated and the driver will tell you to go to the back or anywhere there is a green sticker for example.

Overall Flixbus Review Europe

Overall, my Flixbus review for Europe is that these buses are cheaper than using the trains in Portugal, Spain and Belgium and I am sure that they are cost efficient in most countries. Would I recommend flixbus for travelling in Europe? Yes I would. They are good for connecting cities and airports. Overall flixbus is a comfortable and efficient way to travel.

You can book your Flixbus here.

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