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Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong is a city on the eastern side of the Pearl River and is a special administrative region of China.  The city covers just over 1100 square kilometres and is the 4th most densely populated region in the world.  It has a long and interesting history and these Hong Kong tours include the best of history, culture and religion that the city has to offer.

Hong Kong City Tours

Hong Kong has changed hands between Britain and China over the years with the territory returning to China in 1997.  The city has grown to become a world financial centre and a commercial port as well as having the largest number of skyscrapers in the world, most of which surround Victoria Harbour.

Welcome to Hong Kong: Private Tour with a Local

One of the best ways to see Hong Kong is with a local – they know all the best spots!  This Hong Kong tour with a local is a customised private walking tour that lets you see the best of the city, visit the spots you want to include and even stop off at local’s favourites for something to eat and drink.  Learn about Hong Kong from a local’s view and enjoy its best-kept secrets.

TramOramic Ding Tour and Unlimited Hong Kong Tram Pass

This tour takes place in an amazing vintage double-decker tram and includes all of the top sights around the city.  There is recorded commentary in English so you can understand the history of the various sites and there is even a mini-museum on the lower floor with pictures and videos from Hong Kong history.

The tour includes major landmarks such as the Macau Ferry Pier, Man Wa Lane and Statue Square.  You will also see the Tai Yau Plaza, Times Square and the Lippo Centre as well as the Supreme Court and Bank of China.  The tram system in the city is over a century old and you will also learn about how it has been an important part of the growth of the city.

Kowloon Market Walking Tour

This Hong Kong tour includes two of the most densely populated spots on Earth – Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok districts.  It starts with the Flower Market, the centre of the wholesale and retail flower business in the city and you can see the amazing and varied flowers available.  Then you will see the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where men sell birds from around the world.  Next visit Fa Yeun Street Market that sells everything from clothes to electricals and food.

The next part of the tour starts with Goldfish Market – yes, it really does sell goldfish and lots of other types of bright tropical fish.  Fish are believed to bring wealth, so they are popular as a pet in Hong Kong.  Finally, visit Tin Hau temple and learn about the Empress of Heaven, one of the most popular deities in Southern China and patron goddess of the Boat People.  The tour ends at the Jade Market where you can see 400 stalls selling this precious and revered gemstone.

Hong Kong Culture Tours

Hong Kong is a city with a varied and interesting culture reflecting its history and people.  These Hong Kong tours are a great way to sample the culture while enjoying local food and drink.

Hong Kong: Symphony of Lights Chinese Cruise Tour with Drink

Hong Kong’s skyline is world-famous and the Symphony of Lights is one of the best ways to enjoy it – especially on a traditional Chinese junk boat!  This tour allows you to relax and enjoy a drink while seeing the city at night.  The show includes some 40 buildings on both sides of the harbour and is officially the largest permanent light and sound show in the world.

Hong Kong: Evening Cruise Tour in Chinese Junk Boat with Wine

The evening is a great time to enjoy the skyline of Hong Kong and this tour does so on a traditional junk, a type of boat.  You can relax with a cocktail and watch the sunset over the city before seeing the many lights appear.

Around Hong Kong Tours

While Hong Kong is a city, there are still things to do around it that are worth including in your travel itinerary.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Lantau: Bus Tour with Ngong Ping Cable Car, Lunch, & Pickup

Lantau Island is actually nearly twice the size of Hong Kong island and is the most well known of the islands around the city.  This tour allows you to visit the best of the island.  It includes the former Kowloon Station with its Clock Tower dating from 1915.  You will then take the 25 minute Ngong Ping cable car ride to see the best views of the city before having a vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery.

You will see the largest seated Buddha statue in the city in Po Lin Monastery, one of the most famous Buddhist temples.  Then you can visit Tai O, a traditional fishing village with stilt houses.  Finally, see the TSL jewellery factory before returning to the city.

Ocean Park 1-Day Ticket: Panda, Aquarium, & Thrill Rides

If you are visiting Hong Kong with the family, then this tour will be an immediate favourite.  It is a one day ticket to the Ocean Park Hong Kong attraction.  You will start with a 1.5km cable car ride or alternatively take the funicular railway before travelling the second longest outdoor escalator in the world.

Once in the park, there are loads of different rides including four rollercoasters.  There is also a range of animal exhibits including a giant panda habitat and the world’s largest aquarium dome.  You can see all of this with the ticket or combine it with a meal or photo package for extra benefits.

Great Buddha Walk with Skip-the-Queue NP360 Cable Car

This two-hour long tour takes you to Ngong Ping Buddhist Monastery and the surrounding sights.  You arrive via the cable car with its amazing views across Hong Kong then see the outdoor seated Buddha statue made from bronze.  The statue is over 30 metres high and the face was cast in a single piece. 

You can also travel the Wisdom Path, 38 giant wood columns showing calligraphic work by Chinese master Professor Jao Tsung-I.  See the Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas which is five stories high and includes a meditation hall, exhibition hall and many artefacts.

More to do in Hong Kong

You might also like to hike to Lion rock in Hong Kong.

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