Jardin Botanico Puerto de la Cruz! Photo Essay

Jardin Botanico Tenerife

Today, we visited the beautiful Botanic Gardens of Puerto de la Cruz, one of the best places to visit in Tenerife. At just €3 entrance fee, it’s well worth a visit. Jardin Botanico Tenerife is a walk up hill from the main part of town of Puerto de la Cruz (the old town is La Ranilla), so wear good comfortable walking boots and carry plenty of water.

Opposite the entrance to Jardin Botanico, you will see a Spanish style building with a really cool old sundial on it.

Our Spanish must be coming along nicely, too, as we were given the Spanish leaflet! I had to go back to him and say ‘Tienes Ingles!’

As you enter the Jardin Botanico Tenerife, you will be granted by the drooping roots of the Lord Howe Bayan Tree.

There is another giant Lord Howe Bayan tree approximately halfway down the first section of the central path. It’s such an interesting tree as it’s branches send new roots down to the ground to help the tree to spread across a larger area.

The Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico) was the perfect place to practice using my new digital SLR camera – I’m using the macro mode to practice getting close ups of flowers and insects.

One of my favourite flowers was the South African Bird of Paradise, as I lived in South Africa when we were 5 years old.

Look out for the pineapples – here’s what they look like when before they reach your fruit bowl!

Halfway down on the left hand side of the gardens, you will find the statue of the founder E. Cejas Z., 1961).

Below: Billbergia Pyramidialis, commonly known as the flaming torch.

Near the central pond, we spotted a bright red and pink dragon fly and practised getting close up shots of him with the Nikon on Macro. I was a little scared to get too close to him, so I’m not sure whether this picture is mine or Simon’s (ok – we’ve argued it out and he convinced me that it is his!)

Make sure that you walk all the way to the back to the raised water garden. We saw some beautiful water lilies and plenty of fish in the pond.

Where to stay near Jardin Botanico Tenerife

Hotels near Jardin Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz…
Hotel Botanico and the Oriental Spa
Hotel Riu Garoe
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If you’re heading to Spain in summer, don’t forget the essentials for the beach including swimwear, sun cream and a beach towel. Also pack your sunglasses or prescription sunglasses if you usually wear glasses on a daily basis.

snake skin bikini

For footwear, pack a pair of flip flops for the beach and then also a pair of walking boots for any hiking that you might do. Add a pair of dress shoes into the mix if you are in a fancy hotel, but they are not necessary otherwise.

banana flip flops

The best clothes to pack for Spanish islands include T-shirts, shorts and comfy dresses. One pair of jeans wouldn’t go amiss.

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