Eating at Le Jardin, Marrakesh

Le Jardin Marrakech Morocco

If you are looking for a foodie haven within the heart of Marrakesh, I highly recommend Le Jardin. It’s combination of Traditional Moroccan and English/American food makes it a great place for travellers and expats to eat in Marrakesh.

How to get to Le Jardin Marrakesh

Le Jardin in Marrakesh is located opposite Sidi Abdelaziz and is walkable from Place Jmaa El Fna (the main square) in around 10 minutes. It is easy to get lost in this area, so look on the walls for the green ‘Le Jardin’ signs. Locals will shout ‘Le Jardin’ at you, and tell you the right way, but don’t let someone take you there unless you are happy to pay them – the fake guides always take you the long way around, then ask for money or ‘a present’!

I had the most amazing beef penne dish, sweet and succulent. Just what I needed after a long flight. On the menu, you can choose from a range of Moroccan Tagine, couscous and salad. If you are missing home, there are burgers on offer.

Tagine le Jardin Marrakech

The fruit smoothies are amazing. I opted for a ‘sweet kiss’ which was a combination of fresh Pineapple, Peach, Pear, Strawberry and Orange juice. The ‘pick me up’ (Grapefruit, orange, Strawberry and Carrot) also looked very healthy.

YOU MUST EAT THEIR CREME BRULEE!!! OMG, their creme brûlée is like heaven – so creamy and a sweet, crispy sugar topping.

The thing that really makes Le Jardin special for me is the tranquil setting. You forget the hustle and bustle of the streets of Marrakesh within an instant. The extensive green tiling really does make it feel as if you have entered the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.

Was that a moped skimming my arm a few minutes ago? Or a Moroccan salesman offering me a good price? I don’t really remember, I’m just chillin’ out with my fruit smoothie, listening to Bob Marley and admiring the tortoises!

Le Jardin Marrakesh also have evening events on which are perfect for bloggers, expats and tourists to meet other people in the same boat in Marrakesh.

It’s a very expat friendly restaurant – we saw a French guy bring in his puppy! Le Jardin Marrakesh has beautiful toilets too, of course!

Oh – and make sure you get a Le Jardin Marrakesh sun-hat selfie 😉

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