A Guide to Minimalist Backpacking

Travelling alone for the First Time

Today’s blog post on minimalist backpacking is by our wonderful apprentice Sara Berberi. Congratulations to Sara on the completion of her apprenticeship.

When I was younger, I was one of those people that would have no idea what to pack, and I would say to myself, “What if I end up needing this?” I liked to have a lot of options. This kind of thinking led me to pack heavy in multiple large check-in bags. But, according to research, having more options can be a problem for your decision-making and happiness! Now, I’m a lot more selective in what I buy and what I pack for any of my travels and I’ll be sharing my tips below. So, here’s a guide on minimalist backpacking for any sort of vacation, from a weekend trip to years of travel.

Minimalist Backpacking for 2 weeks in Oman with Amy (Templeseeker)

Benefits of Minimalist Backpacking

First, minimalist packing is not about compromising on what you want. It’s about making smarter choices for an efficient trip. There are so many benefits to minimalist backpacking so let’s start with the airport experience. Your backpack works as a carry-on so if you travel hand luggage only you won’t be checking in a bag or worry about baggage fees, you won’t wait for baggage claim or deal with baggage loss. Already you’ve saved a lot of time, money and had a stress-free airport experience. Another amazing benefit to minimalist backpacking is that it’s so simple. Because you packed light, you’ll have an easier time finding things and every clothing item should match with one another which won’t leave you with unused stuff.

Minimalist Backpacking Tips

For minimalist backpacking, keep in mind these things: where you’re going, the climate, what you’ll be doing, and how long you’re staying. Select items that are versatile and go together with multiple things, such as denim jeans or a white tee. Generally, black, grey, navy blue, nude and white colors pair well with any clothing. For colder weather, pack layers to stay warm. When selecting your clothes, try to pack lightweight, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant,and comfortable fabrics. When packing, rolling your clothes is more effective than folding because you can tuck them in any available space in your bag. If you’re having difficulty packing your belongings, ask yourself this: “What would be the worst situation if I didn’t have this item with me?”

If you’re traveling with your tech gear, bring your phone, laptop, chargers, external hard drive, and your camera – DSLR and lens/mirrorless/ GoPro. Also make room for your essential documents like passport, visa, insurance, and wallet, and don’t forget your personal essentials like medicine, contact lenses, or any other necessities.

When packing, check the weather and pack accordingly. Depending on the weather of your destination, wear your heaviest items on the day of travel; this can be your denim or leather jacket, boots, hiking shoes, coat, or your heaviest personal item/bag. Keep in mind that if you’re flying, your backpack should meet the carry-on travel requirement: 9” x 14” by 22” (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm).  

The Backpack

BackpackIf you don’t have a travel backpack yet consider these below:

  • Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack – the ultimate travel backpack, perfect for organization and a lot of padding/support.
  • Nomatic Travel Pack – An alternative to the Tortuga. Water Resistant 40L Travel Duffel/Backpack, Built in Laptop and Tablet Sleeve, Lots of small details and organization
Minimalist Backpacking

  • Brevite BackpackOne of the best backpacks for people who travel with tech gear but still roomy enough for clothes. Durable and weather-resistant.
  • KAKA Travel Backpack – A cheaper alternative to the backpack above. Offers durability, versatility, a lot of room and organization.


Clothes – get a week’s worth of clothing and try not to bring clothing that only works for one type of occasion

Minimalist Backpacking – Toiletries

  • Toiletries – Pack only the essentials. You don’t need to bring the full-size bottle, but you can pour them in small containers. If you’re packing makeup, choose a natural look and your-must haves and pack them in a small bag. Don’t bring any hair tools. If you’re staying in a hotel, they provide you with a hairdryer, so just pack a hair brush and give yourself a blowout, go natural, or put it up.
Minimalist Backpacking - toiletries

I hope this list will save you time when you’re packing, but also will save space in your luggage. Most items listed above are unisex, unless specified for women or men. There is no perfect packing list because it all depends on where you’re going, the weather, how long you’re staying, and what you plan to do. Keep these four things in mind when you’re packing. Minimalist backpacking will seem difficult the first time but after your trip, you’ll realize how effective it was and even have items that you did not wear/use. Minimalist backpacking only gets easier the more you do it and worst-case scenario is you’ll just have to buy something at your destination.

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