Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Like all of the best inventions, packing cubes are extremely simple. They’re simply cube shaped bags with a zip that are way smaller than your bag, suitcase or backpack. They come in various different sizes which allow you to make the most of your available space. You can also get different types of packing cubes for backpacking, which are better for different types of travels. Some are waterproof, some are see-through, some of them compress, and some are very lightweight. What they all have in common is that they’re a handy way to instantly make your packing easier. I love to use packing cubes for backpacking as well as short trips with a suitcase.

How Should you Use Packing Cubes?

There is no right or wrong way to use packing cubes just do what works for you. It’s a good idea to roll your clothes before placing them inside so they are super compressed and stay that way during transit. Once you have your packing cubes filled (but not overfilled), place them in your luggage in the best position possible. Remember which type of things you’ve included in each cube so you can grab what you need quickly. If you’re storing your dirty clothes in a cube, it may be better to throw in a few dry sheets to keep the luggage smelling fresh.

Travelling alone for the First Time

Why I’m a Packing Cube Convert!

My view on Packing Cubes for Backpacking? I’m a recent convert! It’s so much easier to just pull out and unpack the cube that you need. I love to have an ‘undies’ packing cube and one for my gadgets including…

  • Wireless mouse
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Plug converters
  • Power pack

As well as using packing cubes, I also LOVE to use a Wire Organiser for all of my cables and SD cards.

I’ve found them particularly handy when you are staying in dorms, because you don’t need to go rummaging through your bag waking everyone up on your early start – simply take out the relevant cube the night before!

Best Packing cubes for backpacking on Amazon

Here are the best packing cubes that I’ve found online…

Veken 6 Packing Cubes, Luggage Organizers with a Laundry Bag & Shoe Bag

Are you tired of fumbling inside your luggage and unpacking everything to look for an item the same old way? Worried you will leave expensive items behind in the hotel? Use packing cubes to sort, organize and find your things in a flash! These Veken 6 Packing cubes are some of the best on the market and you can order them on Amazon.

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Say goodbye to all your travel woes as these cubes are 26% thicker. I’ve tested these and some of the other packing cubes on the market for thickness and durability. Compared to the usual 230D nylon or different polyester fabrics, these packing cubes are 290D nylon fabric – thicker and more resistant, allowing you to use them every day. Another benefit of these packing cubes is that they will prevent your items from getting wet – they keep your stuff dry even if your backpack or suitcase gets wet.

Shacke Pak – 4 Packing Cubes – Organizers with Laundry Bag

  • Shacke Pak – pack of 4 Packing Cubes with a Laundry Bag
  • Made out of High-Quality Water-Resistant Nylon Material to survive the wear and tear of traveling
  • Designed with Double Stitching – Creates a durable reinforced lid to keep clothes in place and stops the material in the middle to crease upwards
  • 4-inch-Deep design which allows you to keep all the clothes in your bag.
  • Laundry Bag added to separate your dirty clothes by the end of the trip
  • YKK zippers are used on every cube, which are the world’s biggest high-quality manufacturer of zips and are also widely known for their sturdy smooth zippers.
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AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set – Medium, Black

  • Amazon Basics 4 piece set of packing cubes for backpacking
  • Double zip makes opening/closing the bag simple and fast
  • Mesh top panel to identify contents quickly and provides ventilation
  • Soft mesh won’t damage delicate fabrics
  • Webbing handle for accessibility when carried on its own
  • Dimensions for the Medium cube are: approx 13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches
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Gonex Rip-Stop Packing Cubes 3 Set (M)/ 5 or 9 Set (XL/L/M/S/Shoe Bag) Luggage Travel Organizers

Very high Quality – Honeycomb RipStop fabric, which is water repellent and resists wear and tear, very good quality zippers that will not break on you. Super lightweight and durable.

packing cubes

Easy to organize and store – they let you to store and organize your clothing easily. These Gonex Rip-Stop packing cubes allow for easy packing and unpacking. Your clothes will stay wrinkle free and not get crushed during travels. Shoe Bags are included which can also be used as a small Laundry bag to help separate dirty clothes.

This packing cube system fixes the issue of lack of space by neatly packing all the clothes tightly into each bag. Pack more clothes in a tiny space for the next trip.

Packing Cubes Organizer Bags for Travel Accessories Packing Cube Compression Traveling Essential 6 Set for Luggage Suitcase (Light Grey Pink)

These high quality nylon material, water-resistant packing cubes for backpacking and suitcases withstand the tear and wear when traveling. Ideal Packing Cubes Compression to organize all your travel accessories.

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The Easyfun Nylon packing cube has zipeer and handle, 100% save your space, time and money. A Mesh top panel which is breathable and slim and won’t occupy the luggage space. Mesh design, easy to identify with good ventilation. 

These cubes can be used as Multiple Function cubes — Not only a travel organizer cube for a suitcase, but also ideal for active lifestyle like gym, beach, yoga, camping, or a weekend getaway. Love the light grey and pink colour combination!

They are useful to organize and protect your belongs (like clothes or shaving tools) from damage or dust. 

Compare Prices here!

AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

These Amazon Basics packing cubes have a cool stylish top panel made from mesh for simple identification of contents along with airy ventilation. The double zipper allows for fast and easy opening and closing. They also have a web for accessibility so that the individual cubes can be carried by themselves.

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JJ POWER Travel Cubes, Luggage Organizers with a Shoe Bag

These cream JJ Power packing cubes are multi-function and keep luggage tidy and clean. There is a usage proposal printed inside each bag and mesh-design too. Easy to use and find your luggage!

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Ultra-Durable and Lightweight. Made out of custom-built oxford fabric, the packing cubes are lightweight and durable. All 6 pieces weigh less than 1lb, being the best travel helper but without the burden of weight.

  • Smooth and Durable Zipper.  SBS zipper, which is easy to use.
  • Fit 24/25-inch suitcase.

Mossio 7 Packing Cubes with a Shoe Bag – Compression Luggage Organizer for travel

The packing cubes for anywhere. 3 X Laundry Pouch, 3 X Packing Cubes, Bag, with Large, medium and small sizes. Perfect for active lifestyles including backpacking, traveling, camping, gym, yoga or beach.

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These Mossio packing cubes boast premium high-quality nylon fabric, easy two-way zippers and stitching. They are definitely well-made and one of the most durable cube sets on the market.

The massive interior volume with this set holds all your shoes, makeup, travel clothing, shaving accessories and much more. There are multiple mesh bags to separate and organize your item, with a smooth material ensuring that your clothes don’t get wrinkled.

TravelWise Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Luggage Organizer Set

This TravelWise 5-piece travel organizer set (2 medium, 2 large packing cubes and 1 small) compartmentalizes all your similar size items in their own “small drawers” to streamline packing and more efficiently utilize interior luggage space.

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This lightweight and durable nylon will stand the test of time and keep all items secure without adding extra weight to your luggage.

No more hectic searching for misplaced items. These cubes contain a cool breathable mesh design to find items easily in your suitcase, as the 2 way easy-pull zippers provide consistently fast closing, and opening, allowing quicker packing.

Items won’t shift in transit, leaving you with less creased clothing and more time to chill while traveling!

Compression Packing Cubes, Gonex Extensible Storage Mesh Bags Organizers

Made from smooth and soft nylon fabric, with a ventilated mesh cloth, these Gonex Extensible storage mesh packing bags come in a variety of lovely bright colours including pink, orange and turquoise!

Compression Packing Cubes, Gonex Extensible Storage Mesh Bags

Revolutionising your packing, these packing cubes make everything a breeze and cut down on the space needed for trips radically. You will no longer overpack! The webbing handle is convenient to carry, and these packing cubes can keep your items organized individually.You can use the Gonex Packing Cubes to arrange anything you want. And I’ve found that the cubes will store even more clothes if you roll them into the tightly packed cubes. The soft mesh will not harm soft fabrics and you can therefore arrive in style without having to worry about damage of your clothes.

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