10 Photos that will make you fall in love with Mdina, Malta

10 Photos that will make you fall in love with Mdina, Malta

Malta is my new love affair – with it’s French, Arabic and Anglo-Saxon influences, this small island is so rich in history that I could stay for months on end (it’s one of my top solo female travel destinations). One of my highlights was the ancient city of Mdina, known to the locals as ‘The Silent City’ as it was abandoned in favour of the new capital city of Valetta after the great siege of Malta in 1565. Enjoy these photos of Mdina Malta.

10 Photos that will make you want to visit Mdina Malta

#1 Mdina Main Gate

The main gate was built in Baroque style and was used in the filming of Game of Thrones for the farewell between Catelyn and Ned Stark when she set off from King’s Landing. Visit pre-season to ensure the surrounding greenery, as Malta in the heat of the summer can appear quite barren.

10 Photos that will make you fall in love with Mdina, Malta

#2 Mdina Fortress Walls

The citadel or fortress of Mdina has a defence wall followed by a dry ditch to protect the city. There’s no water filled moat, as water is sparse in the Maltese summers!

Mdina Fortress walls

#3 Mdina Malta horse and Cart

Very few cars are allowed into Mdina and these are mainly the cars of the mere 250-300 residents, making it tranquil and peaceful. A tour by horse and cart is a popular option with tourists.


#4 Beautiful Architecture – My favourite Pink and Purple House!

The architecture of Mdina is stunning, and guess what, in the heart of Malta, I found my dream house!

Purple House Mdina


#5 Colourful Doors of Mdina

The houses are mainly owned by nobles with money to spend on the upkeep of their property, and colourful painted doors are the norm in Mdina.

#6 Knobs and Knockers!

Look closely, because Mdina is also famous for its intricate door knobs and knockers. Angels, lions and fish are extremely popular. Tourists can also buy them at the door knob shop (you will see it as soon as you enter the Mdina on the left hand side) to take home.

Mdina door Knocker

#7 Inside St Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina

The original St Paul’s Cathedral of Mdina was destroyed by an earthquake in 1693. An architect built a new cathedral incorporating the original apse due to the painting of the ship wreck of Paul. The inside of St Paul’s Cathedral of Mdina, Malta is stunning – it is one of the most important Churches on the island.

Inside St Pauls Cathedral Mdina

#8 National Museum of Natural History Mdina Malta

The Natural History is immediately on the right as you enter the Mdina and is located in an eighteenth century palace, which was restructured by Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena.

#9 Gothic Architecture of Mdina

Near the Cathedral, Mdina’s Neo-gothic house stands out from the rest of the predominantly Baroque style architecture of the city.

#10 Views from the City Walls, Bastion Square

It’s not just within the city where you can find beauty, but also beyond it. As Mdina was built on the highest point in Malta, it boasts stunning views from the city walls at Bastion Square. In the distance, you will see Mosta Rotunda and the buildings of Valetta.

View of Malta from Mdina walls

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