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Churches in Durham

Churches in Durham

The United Kingdom is filled with many, many cities from the bustling City of London to the historic sights of Edinburgh. One particular city with a fair amount of history is Durham, found in the Northeast of England, south of the city of Newcastle. The city sits on the River Wear and there are many […]

Rotunda of Mosta – Worlds Third Largest Unsupported Dome Church

Mosta Rotunda - Third Largest Unsupported Dome Church in the World

For 300 years, Malta was under the authority of the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church plays a very important role as far as the identity, traditions and customs of the island go. Today I went to visit the Mosta Rotunda in the heart of Malta. Rotunda of Mosta – How big is the Dome? […]

My Top 5 Churches in Jerusalem

Churches in Jerusalem, Church of Mary Magdalene

Following my recent trip to the Holy Land, I’d love to summarise my top 5 Churches in Jerusalem. There are many famous churches in Jerusalem; my top 5 have been chosen based on the combination of religious significance combined with architectural beauty. A visit to the Holy City allows you to walk in the footsteps […]