The Best Gdansk Nightlife!

Gdansk Nightlife

Gdansk is an excellent place to go out drinking or dancing. There are many pubs and bars, with may hidden away in basements of historic buildings. Often the distinction between restaurant, bars and clubs is very thin, as many places are restaurants or bars by day, while at night they become discotheques. Clubs and pubs which characterise the nightlife in Gdansk are very informal, but they still broadcast their charm and popularity. Undoubtedly, the premises of the nightlife in Gdansk transmits passion, creativity, enthusiasm and a good dose of extravagance which will enrich your vacation.

Gdansk nightlife is synonymous with live music venues, outdoor concerts and shows. While most pubs and beer gardens are situated around the historic centre and along the Matlawa River, it’s also worth checking out the nightlife in Sopot and Gdinya.

Gdansk Nightlife – Top Nightclubs in Gdansk

For the public who want to continue to have fun until late night, there are plenty of big clubs where you can dance the night away. In addition to this, all pubs, breweries and discos in Gdansk are located in the historic centre within a short distance, so you don’t have to walk much to get around. In the summer, the terraces at the Long Market and down the river Motlawa River are filled with outdoor bars and beer gardens. 

Enjoying the clubbing and Gdansk nightlife is one of the best things to do in Gdansk.

Klub Parlament 

Klub Parlament is a three-storey nightclub with plenty of space to dance and party. One of the most popular clubs in Gdansk and very busy on weekends, it is definitely a place not to be missed when visiting Gdansk. There are many stag and hen nights, with crazy parties! In addition to this, concerts, musicals, live shows and cabaret are also organised. An establishment with regard to the amazing nightlife in Gdansk.

Klub Parliament Gdansk

Bunkier Klubogaleria 

The Bunkier Klubogaleria is located on Olejarna street, in a six-story cubic building, which is concrete reinforced and originally used as a bunker and anti-aircraft battery by the Germans during World War II. This is the only building in the area which survived the war remained empty for many years, until someone with a great imagination and a large amount of money decided to turn it into a club.

Gdańsk Nightlife Bunkier club

The results were breath-taking. Enter through the door and you’ll be greeted by the original halls, flanked by walls that lead into a maze of bars, dancefloors, a lounge area and some of the most fantastic cabinets. Each level is different and very unique and there are also places to sit in a cage with military bunks and an electric chair at the third level. The bars have a surprisingly low price and the club is so big that although it is crowded with hundreds of people, it seems almost empty. Well worth a visit!

Irish Pub 

A popular Irish pub is located in the basement of the old town hall (Ratusz Staromiejski), close to the train station (not to be confused with the main City Hall in Long Street). This place attracts a young and lively crowd, with very cheap beer and great music, and also has live concerts, quizzes and karaoke in the evenings. 

Miasta Aniolów Club & Restaurant 

Miasta Aniolów Club & Restaurant, also called City of Angels, is both a restaurant and a club, located along the river Motlawa River. In the early evening, it is a great place to dine and listen to live jazz performances. Later on, the Miasta Aniolów becomes a real disco and attracts youngsters on a night out. Commercial music, plenty of room for dancing and lots of seating is available. If you’d like to dance the night away, then this is definitely one of the ideal clubs in Gdansk. Its huge dancefloor is always full, and it is advisable to get there early if you want to occupy one of the available tables.

Buffet Club 

Among one of the hardest to find, but in one of the most renowned areas of the city. This is home of the hipsters of Gdansk. Located inside the abandoned remains of Lenin Shipyards, on the left of the European solidarity Centre, take the cobbled Street leading to the two-storey building to get there, next to the old apartment blocks. Inside the Buffet Club are organized events with exhibitions, concerts, workshops and similar. The main attraction, however, are memorable nights with Polish and foreign DJs guests with music ranging from indie to Drum ‘n ‘ bass. The club reflects the post-communist fate of shipyards fully and nights which end with daylight.

Klub B90 

Located in an old factory building, the B90 is a large industrial space for concerts. With two main stages, the club can accommodate a total of 1,500 people. The only downside of Klub B90 is that it’s only open during events. Due to this, be sure to plan your visit here in advance by checking when the events are on.

Gazeta Rock Café 

At Gazeta Rock Café, there is a very lively atmosphere. The Polish rock hits burst from the loudspeakers while the guests enthusiastically sing backing vocals. The sofas are occupied in a hurry and the interior is a direct homage to the stars of the Polish music scene. The walls are hung with numerous pieces of framed memorabilia. There are also organised live music concerts! 

Sopot Nightlife in Gdansk

A short train or taxi ride from Gdansk is Sopot – part of the Tricity area (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdinya are the 3 cities) that is an excellent spot for Gdansk nightlife.


Sitting at the top of Monciak, No. 5 proudly has the largest selection of craft beer in Tricity, with around 20 taps of carefully selected Polish and global brews.  While you probably would expect a mob of noisy clientele with this much potent-quality amber on-tap, the venue has a fairly relaxed, friendly, music-inspired atmosphere in the luxury of high 70s furniture.  The menu is mainly in the style of Californian diner cuisine with lots of vegan options and some experimental Tex Mex. The stand-up/live music roster is always high quality and reliable for a night out.

3 Siostry

A local favourite and a cafe/bar/club run by 3 sisters. These girls know how to run a bar and the clientele keeps coming back to cram themselves onto the tiny floor to dance the night away to some classics from across the decades. A brilliant spot to spend the evening where the chance to interact with the locals seems to be a part of the design and the crowd is somewhat older than you will find in the clubs in the Crooked House for example. 

3 Siostry Sopot


Many of Sopot’s late-night options can be described as ‘tacky’ so it’s good to see a place that is prepared to do a bit more than cheap alcohol. To find Wtedy, head round the back and down the steps of the villa close to the main entrance of the train station. Its unadvertised presence lends it an ‘in-the-know’ feel while the crowd is a little older than on the strip. An excellent bar, vinyl-spinning DJ, separate vodka bar and limited seating mean the place can’t help but dance. 


AleBrowar is a well-known local craft-brewery based in nearby Lębork and their status is travelling quickest through word of mouth. They mix Polish street graphics with American-style microbrewing and in addition to their bars in Wrocław, Gdynia and Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, their Sopot site is great for beer-lovers looking for something less-formal than on Monciak. They have many different bottled beers, each one with its own character, flavour and texture, with 13 select brews on-tap.  This particular AB also does some great pizzas, which you can either order in or take away (same with the bottled beer).

What to Wear for the Gdansk Nightlife Scene

Many of the beer gardens and cafes-come-discoteques offer an informal dress code. Trainers for men might be ok in some places but not others, so take a pair of more formal shoes just in case. Girls do dress up in Gdansk and so pick yourself a nice party dress and some comfy low heels if you are clubbing. A strappy little black dress would be the perfect number.

strappy black dress for clubbing in Gdansk

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