The Best Vegan Restaurants in Birmingham

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Birmingham

Today’s blog on the best vegan restaurants in Birmingham is a guest post by my cousin Freya Kane. Thank you Freya for your much valued contributions! 

It’s the vegan girl again! And I’m here with some more recommendations on the best Vegan Restaurants Birmingham has to offer….

I myself am a West Midlander – a Black Country girl who lives just outside of Birmingham. Go ahead, mock the accents! (Although I’m *not* a Brummie! We speak very differently, in my opinion) If you don’t know about these places then, well, you’ll just have to travel here one day!

If you already have plans to come to Birmingham as a vegan then read on! I am going to give you some recommendations for fantastic vegan food in Birmingham. I have just finished my degree in this amazing city. I became vegan towards the end of my second year at uni, so it was vital that I started to suss out where to get the best vegan food to get me through my studies. If you find yourself in the second city anytime soon and you’re looking for great vegan eats, here you go..! 

Top Vegan Restaurants Birmingham

My personal absolute FAVOURITE place to eat vegan in Birmingham has to be Café Soya! Café Soya is a tiny Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant in Birmingham’s Chinese quarter, right by the Arcadian Centre. (Cathay Street, Arcadian Centre, B5 4TD). They have a really extensive menu with meat, veggie and vegan options. Little tip – for vegan, flick to the back of the menu (the green section!) and you can have all the dishes with the little plant emoji next to. Ask a member of staff if you need a hand.

I always, without fail, get the spring rolls and ‘prawn’ toast. And my favourite main is the Veggie ‘Fish’ and tofu with steamed rice. The ingredients in Café Soya’s food is really innovative. They use loads of mock meats and fishes which are super tasty. Also, I’d recommend the vegan vanilla milkshake! So good! It’s practically a dessert…

3 Three’s Coffee is a lovely independent coffee chain with two branches – one in the center of town (17-19 Martineau Way), and one in the Jewellery Quarter (10 Great Hampton Street). The coffee lounges are lovely and quirky – lots of rustic wood and art from local artists covering the walls. (I’m getting sidetracked: but there’s a comedian from Birmingham called Joe Lycett who recently did a skit about trendy coffee shops in Birmingham, and I’m sure he must be talking about this place!) They used to be vegetarian and vegan, however, just recently they posted on their social media that ALL of their bakery, savoury food and the ice creams are vegan! So help yourself to anything that takes your fancy… 3 Three’s do amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner options. My favourites are the big breakfast wrap and the ‘chicken’ & sweetcorn sandwich. They also do loads of amazing sweet stuff like cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and milkshakes. You’re sure to find something you like. Take a look in the fridges or even behind the counter at the displays of what’s on offer – we’re talking loaded bagels, nachos, and hot dogs! Oh my.

Natural Bar & Kitchen is a really innovative restaurant in the center of Birmingham. It’s really similar to Tibbet’s in London! Here, you pay for your food from the buffet by the weight of your plate. They have a selection of starters, mains, desserts and also a la carte options.

The Stable is the place to go if you like cider and pizza. They have vegan pizzas, some sides and even a couple of desserts. The last time I was there I had a lovely vegan apple crumble and ice cream!

Classy Vegan Restaurants Birmingham

If you’re looking for something a bit more classy, maybe for a special occasion outing or brunch with friends, then consider these places below!

  • Mowgli, inside Grand Central (New Street Station), is a fantastic Indian restaurant serving home cooking and street food inspired dishes. While it’s not completely veggie or vegan, you can find plenty of options on the menu and there is also a vegan menu to hand. The portions are very generous and I found the food to be really tasty. This restaurant has a great atmosphere, with its low lighting, exposed brick walls, and even some swing seats! 
  • Dirty Martini – this place is great for a bottomless brunch. If you don’t know how such a thing works, here’s the deal… you pay £30 per person, this allows you to hold your table for 90 minutes and enjoy bottomless G&T’s, Martinis or Prosecco (one drink at a time, people!) as well as a platter of food. The vegan food isn’t the best I’ve ever had, I’ll be honest. But its a lovely dining (well, drinking) experience!
  • Tattu is a ‘Modern Chinese Experience’ – I am going here for my graduation celebration meal in a couple of weeks! The interiors are so beautiful! And the food sounds amazing. I am going to be dining with my family, we’re having something called a Wave Menu. Which is almost like Chinese tapas! It’s a selection of dishes, your servers bring you the next course once you’ve finished the first – without you having to order anything else unless you want to! Also, the drinks look fantastic. 

Vegan Restaurants Birmingham – The Chains…

Nowadays, veggies and vegans are pretty much guaranteed to find satisfying, accessible food in a major city. Here are a few of the best old reliable chain restaurants in Brum! 

  • Pret A Manger – you’ll find a few branches, there’s even one in the train station. 
  • Bella Italia – on New Street. Bella has recently vamped up their veggie and vegan menu and the food is fantastic! Definitely worth a go if you need a nice, easy evening meal! 
  • Ask Italian (also New Street) also have a decent vegan selection and especially nice drinks and cocktails. Tip – they also have a vegan kid’s menu which is great if you’re traveling with vegan children. 
  • Boston Tea Party is a lovely chain with restaurants around the West Midlands. I recently tried their vegan all-day breakfast – which is a pretty unique option on the market right now! They also have yummy fresh smoothies, juices and often a few sweet treats including things like coffee and walnut cake or fruity flapjacks. 
  • LEON is known for having a few great vegan options, and they have recently added the Love Burger which is really tasty! 
  • Wagamama – you can find a branch on New Street and one out the back of the Bullring. Another handy choice, the vegan katsu curry is pretty darn good. 

I hope this was helpful! Have a good time, Bab! 

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