Introducing Worldpackers – Work your Way around the World

Before I set out on my last trip to Turkey and Bulgaria, my fabulous aunty Deb sent me the link for I’ve only just got back home to check it out, and it’s amazing!

What is Worldpackers?

Worldpackers was founded by two friends, Riq Lima and Eric Faria, who left their jobs as bankers and accountants to travel the world. Eric’s first two years were spent helping out at USA Hostels in San Diego, as a receptionist, a housekeeper, and a tour guide, exchanging his skills for accommodation.
He then helped to found International Travellers House – a hostel chain in California run by an entire volunteer workforce. This was the inspiration behind Worldpackers – connecting travelers and hosts for mutual benefits, allowing more people to travel the world for cheap.
Worldpackers is a website that holds a database of travelers who want to work for their accommodation and hostels offering free accommodation in return for volunteering. There are hostels worldwide looking for people to clean, bartend, party plan and promote through social media. It’s a great way to hostel your way around the world with minimal costs.

Worldpackers – Mission and Values

Do you believe that travel is for everyone?  Worldpackers believe that travel is a universal right, and I do too!

Worldpackers value sharing, experiences, learning and being an ‘earth local’. In other words, it’s all about the world is our home and the people on it treated as equals. Everyone can travel if they really want to.

Searching for your perfect Accommodation-Skills Swap!

Worldpackers use a Match system focused on finding the best travel options for you. This means that places carefully selected according to your travel dates, the location you’d like to go, skills you want to share and the languages you speak.


My Worldpacker search results for social media opportunities.
I searched for places to do social media promotion, and a great selection of hostels came up including Moreto & Caffeto in Bulgaria and Eco Hostel Republic in Serbia. Right up my street!

Completing your Worldpackers Profile

If you are a traveler, Worldpackers allows you to complete your profile and then apply to work in the hostels that are registered. On your profile, be sure to add your languages and skills, as well as a few pictures of you working around the world, if you can!


How Worldpackers Works

Once you have set up your profile, you can then search through hostel positions, create a wish list and apply. Take note that some hostels have a minimum and maximum stay requirement. Also, have a look at how many days off you get. For me, I want at least 2 days off so that I can travel.

The Worldpackers website is easy to use, and you can contact hosts before finalizing your trip.
When you apply, there is a $50 enrolment fee per placement. You only pay the fee once your trip is confirmed. However, there are ways to keep this down, or even get it for free, which I am about to reveal!

How to Save Money on your World Packers fee!

You can strengthen your profile by endorsements from your friends or hosts. This will make your profile more appealing to other potential hosts.
Also, by building up to 20 endorsements, you can get a free $50 fee paid. I have 5 so far, so I’m currently a Champion. I’d like to become a Travel God and get my first trip for free!
You can read about my first Worldpackers trip to Belgrade (Trip and Sleep Hostel).

Chance to win a Free $50 Worldpackers voucher with Templeseeker!

Templeseeker is offering you the chance to win a FREE WorldPackers voucher worth $50. We have four $50 vouchers available, so that’s four lucky readers who will get a 100% discount on their Worldpackers application fee!
How to enter…

  1. Like the TempleseekerFacebook Page.
  2. Subscribe to the Templeseeker newsletter (make sure that you click the confirmation link in the email, and if you don’t receive this email, check your junk).
  3. Complete the competition entry form…


Templeseeker Contest Terms and Conditions

This contest is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for this contest’s purposes.
Please make sure that you click the link in the email to confirm your subscription (do check your inbox). Only people who subscribe to Templeseeker email list will be entered.
Vouchers must be redeemed by 30th September 2015. This does NOT mean that you have to travel by this date, but that you have to apply using the voucher code by this date.
Bucketlist 2016

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is so important as it will help you with emergencies and unexpected costs on your trip. Make sure that you declare any pre-existing health conditions so that you are covered for those. Check your cover for accidents and medical care and also lost baggage or getting things stolen. Remember to report as soon as something goes wrong on your trip because some travel insurance companies require you to report something that you want to claim for within 24 hours. Read the fine print carefully when you sign up. I always recommend World Nomads. You can get a free quote here:


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