Best Travel Makeup Palette

Welcome to 2020! Now I do enjoy minimalist backpacking, but many of you know that I cannot manage without a bit of make up! A palette is a great option for travel as many include eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick. Today I’m on a quest for the best travel makeup palette of 2020….

What is the Best Travel Makeup Palette?

Clinique All in one Colour Palette

Clinique is one of my all time favourite brands – excellent quality, good on my skin and a nice selection of colours. This Clinique All in One Colour Palette contains lipstick (brush apply), eye shadow, powder and Mascara. The tones of the eyeshadows are natural with a bit of sparkle. You have a brow highlighter and three natural colours right there – I love using the sand duo and chocolate brown (Teddy bear squad!) together. My favourite lipstick colour is the pink peach. Girls, if you have this in your make up collection, all you need to pack is this to travel – amazing!

Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Eye & Cheek Palette

I love the shades in this Bobby Brown Instant Pretty Eye and Cheek Palette. Naturally perfect for travel. Combine with your favourite lipstick (mine’s Lipstick Queen Frog Prince) and away you go!

Bobby Brown Eyeshadow

The Balm Voyage 2 Palette

Looking for something with a little more colour selection for eye shadows? Go for the voyage 2 Palette by TheBalm. This has exactly what you need on the go for eyes, face and lips. The lighter lipstick is great for day wear, with a darker option for a night out.

travel make up palette

Smashbox Minibox Palette Eyeshadow, Blush, Lipgloss & Mascara

I love the soft pink and midnight shades in this Smashbox Minibox Palette. The great thing about this palette is that it also has a lip gloss and mascara in it and so it is literally is all you need to pack in the way of make up!

Smashbox Travel makeup palette

Urban Decay Smokey Eye

Love to create a Smokey Eye effect? You can’t beat the Urban Decay Smokey eye shadow palette

urban decay smokey eye travel palette

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Palette

This ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Envy Sculpting Palette contains 12 eyeshadows and 2 blushers, making it a great professional look travel palette. This one is my Mom’s favourite!

Yves Saint Laurent Very YSL Edition Makeup Palette, Silver

This Very YSL Edition travel Makeup Palette is the perfect fit for hand luggage only if you are doing a short haul trip over to mainland Europe. It contains four eyeshadows, two lipsticks and a blusher. I love the cerise lip colour in this palette. A must for travel in 2020!

Yves sant Laurent make up

Game of Thrones Urban Decay Eye Shadow

I think this has to be my favourite travel makeup palette on the market right now – A pop up Game of Thrones Urban Decay palette with appropriately names eyeshadow shades including House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark and White Walkers!

Game of thrones urban decay make up

Travel Makeup Palette – Further Reading for you!

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