Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland

Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland

Iceland is one of the most scenic and relaxing countries in Europe. It’s also one of the safest and one of the most liberal. Iceland is the land of fire and ice – a place where you can see geysers and walk on glaciers. Approximately 60% of Icelands inhabitants live in the capital, Reykjavik. And no-one should visit, of course, without doing the Blue Lagoon tour Iceland is so famous for.

You will probably fly into Reykjavik and stay in the capital. It is easy to travel around the main sites of Iceland with Reykjavik as a base.

Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon

It’s approximately 45 minutes to get to the Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik, and so if you have access to a car, you can self drive and just pay the entrance fee. Many tourist buses go to the blue lagoon from Reykjavik bus station. Iceland is so well set up for tourism and you can book a tour in advance through Viator Travel and Get Your Guide.

The opening hours of the Blue Lagoon may vary with time of year, but it’s usually open from 7am to 11pm.

Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland

Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland

In high season, be warned that it does get fully booked. Don’t want to risk the Blue Lagoon selling out? Go for this Blue Lagoon Iceland trip with Viator Travel which guarantees your place by pre-booking a Blue Lagoon entry ticket. This flexible experience allows you to choose from Comfort or Premium packages, and add on transfers if needed.

Fancy combining your Reykjavik tour with a relax in the Blue Lagoon to follow? Book Viator’s Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon tour with Comfort ticket. A comfort ticket includes use of a towel, a silica mud mask and your first drink of choice. With this pre-booked ticket package, you will skip the line and go straight through – no need to wait in queues.

If you have limited time in Iceland such as a long weekend in Iceland, you can actually combine the Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland with the Golden Circle Tour. Alternatively, you can do the trip on the way to or from the Airport with the Blue Lagoon transport from Reykjavik option.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Despite being a natural hot spring, it may surprise you to know that the Blue Lagoon has been kitted out with all of the mod cons including luxury changing rooms and showers. It feels like you are entering a posh swimming pool when you go in, but then it guides you out into the beautiful lagoon. The floor has been smoothed off, so that you don’t need to worry about cut feet!

Now…what about the Blue Lagoon slime? That grey gungy stuff found in the lagoon? It’s ok – it’s natural white silica mud, with water that is rich in salts and algae. It’s the silica that gives the lagoon that milky blue sheen. It may feel weird but it is massively rejuvenating and will make your skin so soft. One word of advice – just don’t get it in your hair! It can make your hair go kind of scarecrow-like!

How Hot is the Blue Lagoon?

How hot is Blue Lagoon? The water temperature in the swimming area of the Blue Lagoon averages at around 37–39 Β°C (99–102 Β°F). Nice hot-hot, not too hot-hot! (Anyone else out there get the Plebs reference?!) It’s hot enough to not need to worry about the temperature outside! It’s heated by Icelandic Geothermal energy.

Different Packages at the Blue Lagoon

When you book your Blue Lagoon tour Iceland, check to see what package is included in your tour. There are different package to suit different budgets from basic through to spa retreat.

  • Basic – Entrance only
  • Comfort – Entrance, plus silica mud mask, plus use of towel and 1st drink
  • Premium – Same as Comfort, plus slippers, robe, a second mask of your choice, Table reservation at the LAVA Restaurant and sparkling wine if dining.
  • Luxury Retreat Spa – Four luxurious hours at the Blue Lagoon and Retreat Spa. This Luxury package includes a private changing suite and unlimited access to both the Retreat Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon.

If you decide to just book your own tickets to the Blue Lagoon and book the transport only option, you can pre-book your Blue Lagoon tickets on the Blue Lagoon Website.

What should I pack for the Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland?

The basic essentials that you would take swimming should do the trick! Pack your swimming costume, towel and toiletries. You won’t need your own towel if you book the comfort package or above. Some people like to take a shower cap to protect their hair from the silica. If you have long hair, a hair bobble at least would be a good idea. You can buy individual disposable shower caps on Amazon.

Or maybe if you want to go for something a bit more stylish…

Blue Lagoon Iceland Tours - what to take.

Remember to take a nice bikini or bathing suit to the Blue Lagoon. However, if you forget yours, they do have a place where you can hire one. I love the Freya bikinis because you can buy them according to bra size rather than according to dress size, which gives a perfect fit. You can get measured somewhere like John Lewis or Leia. You can also buy them online.

What to take to the Blue Lagoon Iceland

If you intend to take photos and selfies at the Blue Lagoon, which most people can’t resist, I recommend that you take a waterproof smartphone cover. These waterproof phone cases can be bought on Amazon and are very practical with a neck cord. Most of them are design so that you can touch the screen through the plastic protective case.

I recommend taking money or credit card for purchasing some of the wonderful Blue Lagoon products on offer. I certainly came home with several Blue Lagoon silica masks! They are very difficult to get elsewhere and amazing for your skin.

Staying Overnight at the Blue Lagoon Hotel

If you really want to splash out and relax at the Blue Lagoon for a day or two, you can actually stay overnight in 5* Luxury at ‘The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland’. It includes free parking, breakfast to order and free WIFI. There’s a full service spa and rooftop terrace. The suite rooms have fantastic views of the geothermal lagoon and surrounding Icelandic countryside.

After your Blue Lagoon Iceland Tour – Other Iceland Tours

If you have a long weekend in Iceland, you will be able to do the free Reykjavik walking tour and a Golden Circle Tour Iceland to see the geysir, Gullfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park.

If you have more time, explore the South Coast Iceland Waterfalls and Glacier Lagoon (Jokulsarlon). I recommend the Viator South Coast and JΓΆkulsΓ‘rlΓ³n Day tour including an Amphibian Boat Ride! If you love wildlife, Whale Watching Iceland tours are extremely popular.

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