Things to do in Grand Baie

Things to do in Grand Baie

Grand Baie is a tourist hub in the North of Mauritius. It attracts many expats and holiday makers due to its modern and chilled out vibe. It’s also well networked regarding roads and public transports making it a good base to explore the island. I spent a fabulous two weeks on honeymoon in this area of Mauritius and I’m excited to bring to you my top things to do in Grand Baie.

Things to do in Grand Baie – Find the Street Art

Grand Baie has a quirky yet modern vibe and is a good place to hunt down street art. My favourite was this turtle that I spotted on the way towards Super-U (Supermarket) from the coast.

Grab a Rum Cocktail

It’s almost impossible to relax in Mauritius without a rum cocktail. One of my top things to do in Mauritius is take a Strawberry Daquiri or a Pina Colado with a Splash of Pink Pigeon rum! Head to B52’s, the Beach House or the Banana Beach club to chill with the rum cocktail of your choice.

Shiv Kalyan Vath Mandir

There is a small temple in Grand Baie that is worth exploring. It’s free to get in, although you might want to take an offering. It’s a smaller and simpler temple than the temples of Port Louis, but worth visiting for the colourful deities of Hinduism. Remember to remove your shoes before entering.

Bikini Shopping!

Grand Baie is a great place to shop for beach wear. The shops have English speaking assistants who know how to find the right sized bikini for you, and the prices can be reasonable. There are also some higher end fashion options if that’s what you are into. Many shops hold lines from the big surfing brands such as Rip Curl and Roxy.

Snorkling and Diving

Mauritius is perfect for snorkelling and diving. The sea is always warm and the ocean life is abundant. Choose a local snorkelling and diving centre to take you out for your safety. Sunset Diving Mauritius, Dive Tribe and Octopus diving Mauritius are good places to start.

Blue Safari Submarine Trip

Hands down the best thing that we did in Grand Baie was to take the Blue Safari Submarine trip. They will take you out to the mother ship where you will board a submarine that makes its decent 35m below sea level, revealing the underwater world of Mauritius. We saw Lion Fish,

You might also like to read about the top things to do in Port Louis if you have time to visit the capital.

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