Embarrassing Stories – My 7 most Embarrassing Travel Moments

embarrassing travel stories

Now, I’ve been travelling on and off for some time, and visited many countries. Needless to say that there have been some embarrassing stories along the road. Today, I’m reluctantly sharing my 7 most embarrassing travel moments!

7 Embarrassing Stories from around the World

1. Split Skirt in Beijing!

It’s very hot in Beijing as you know, so I opted to wear a purple and gold wrap around skirt to discover the highlights of China. To my confusion, on leaving the Forbidden city, many Chinese were pointing in my general direction and laughing. Jon, the guy I was with at the time said ‘Oh my God, your skirt, Amy!’ I looked down to see that it was torn down the seam of the ass, and I had fully exposed my dalmation print knickers! I’ve never flagged a taxi so fast!

Highlights of China

2. Hostel Owner goes in for the Kiss!

I had a great time in Sofia, Bulgaria and spent many evenings innocently having a drink with the hostel owner and his brother. They were friendly enough and had a good supply of Vodka! On the last day, as I was about to check out, the owner went to hug me, which I thought would be fine considering that we were friends. However, he went straight in for a kiss on the lips. Happily in a relationship, all I could do was dodge. Embarrassingly the dodging felt like it went on for sometime, although in reality it was only a matter of seconds!

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia

3. Bonjour from a Berber!

Backpacking through the Atlas Mountains at the age of 18 was not an easy feat. Not to mention the fact that there are rarely toilets on the trekking routes. The challenge came to a head when I crouched down for a wee behind a rock, and a Berber man came round the corner towards me saying ‘Bonjour!’

embarrassing travel stories

Trekking in Morocco – Bonjour!

4. Chillis in China!

China seemed to be a destination of many embarrassing stories. Once I was delivered a plate of what I thought were peppers as a side in a restaurant. I took a massive mouthful, only to realise that they were hardcore chilli’s. My mouth was on fire, and I immediately reached for the nearest jug of water which was on the next table. I don’t think that there was a straight face in the restaurant!

5. Putting my Vagina in the Dishwasher!

I love to learn the Spanish language, particularly as the South of Spain and much of Central and South America are on my bucket list. However, I was distrought when I realised that I told my Spanish teacher that every morning, me and my fiance put my Vagina in the dishwasher. I clearly mispronounced the word Vajilla (crockery!) Me at my Spanish study group!

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6. Getting asked for a threesome in Istanbul!

I met a fabulous Columbian friend in Istanbul called Tatiana. She’s a stunner, with glorious dark skin and long curly black hair. I was a little paler of course, and my hair had started to go blonde in the sun. That evening, Tatiana and I were out for dinner, when we got chatted up by the waiter. He crouched down and said quietly ‘One milk, one chocolate, do you wanna mix it up a bit?’ Tatiana’s face was a picture. I replied ‘And one Turkish Delight!!!’

Istanbul Skyline

7. Diarrhoea explosion in Jaipur!

Whenever you share travel stories, there’s usually a little toilet humour, and whenever you travel in India, the chances are that Delhi Belly’s gonna hit. Well it hit me in the middle of Jantar Mantar an observatory and one of the top places to visit in Jaipur. I legged it to the loo, hoping I’d get some privacy. But there was a stream of Indian women who all started to walk in and out to check one by one to see if I was alright. Sometimes, you just wanna shit in piece!

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What are some of your most embarrassing stories from your travels? I’d love for you to share them by commenting on my blog!

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