Highlights of Andalusia – Towns and Cities you Shouldn’t Miss

highlights of Andalusia

*Today’s guest post on Andalusia is by Brenda from Traveleira. I met her at TBEX in Stockholm last year!

Andalusia is the biggest region in Spain, and thanks to that you can find diversity when it comes to culture, food and sightseeing.

Grenada, Sevilla and Córdoba

People will often talk predominantly about Granada, Sevilla, Córdoba amongst other cities, but I decided to focus on some of the lesser known places in the region. In February, I had the chance to visit Córdoba and Seville. Luckily one of my friends decided to rent a car so we could go a little further off the beaten track.

Seville is definitely a city that everyone needs to see at some point of their lives. Triana, Nervión and some of its neighbourhoods have an amazing vibe that makes you want to stay there forever. If you are looking to stay overnight in Seville then these are some of the best Boutique hotels in Seville.

Córdoba offers an amazing Mosque – one of the most beautiful architectural delights that I have ever seen. In this blog, I’d love to focus on Juzcar and Rhonda.

Roadtripping in Andalusia – Juzcar and Ronda

Road tripping in Andalusia was a great experience for getting to see some towns that you don’t find often in travel guides. The two towns that impressed me the most were definitely Juzcar and Ronda.

Highlights of Andalusia: Juzcar

Juzcar is a town from the Province of Malaga, about 90km away from Seville. To get there, there are buses that comes from Malaga or you can rent a car to visit it. The road to get there is basically a mountain side road and is pretty narrow.

Smurf Village in Juzcar

The main attraction and the funny thing about Juzcar is that since 2011 it transformed itself to a Smurfs village, being the first one in the world. Everything you can do and find in Juzcar is totally Smurf-oriented. The houses are all blue, you can take pictures with the Smurf statues, you can try their blue Smurf wine and also help yourself with some Smurf berries!

Besides the Smurf themed paradise that Juzcar is, you also find an Andalusian village where most of its population is elder and that are supporting each other on make their town a great experience for all those who visit. You can experience traditional Andalusian food and hospitality.

Highlights of Andalusia: Ronda

Ronda, also in the province of Malaga, is a town on top of a mountain that has some stunning sights.

Its major highlight is the mountain known as “El Tajo”, where the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) can be seen. This is a spot where you feel small and insignificant in comparison to the vast views from the bridge. I loved Puente Nuevo and the amazing sites from the bridge, but be careful: If you’re afraid of heights like me, it might be a challenge.

Ronda is a vibrant city filled with local markets, restaurants and tourists coming from all over Europe. The vibrant architecture and nature will make you fall in love with this Spanish town.

Ronda is easier to access by train from either Seville or Malaga. There are also buses that go there. It is the perfect place for a day trip and a great for experiencing the Andalusian culture.

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About the Author: Brenda from Traveleira

Brenda is a 27-year-old Puerto Rican travel blogger who runs the blog Traveleira.com. She is a Foreign Languages and Literature graduate who has a huge passion for traveling and sports. She also works as a freelance translator and foreign languages teacher. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Cultural Tourism in Spain.