Kayaking on Lake Como Italy

Kayaking Lake Como Italy

*This is a Guest Post on Lake Como in Italy by Marissa of Postcards to Seattle.

Italy has always been on my bucket list. When I had the opportunity to go to Lake Como this summer for 5 days, I jumped at the chance.

Beautiful Lake Como Italy

Being from the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, I am used to being surrounded by beautiful mountains and water, but Lake Como Italy took my breath away.

The mountains set against the sparkling lake made it seem like the backdrop for a movie. I now understand why it is such a popular getaway for celebrities. It is about an hour north of Milan, and I stayed in the Bellagio area, which is in the middle of the upside-down Y-shaped lake.

Bellagio Water Sports

It was one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever been on. However, on the third day, I decided to take a break from drinking wine and eating gelato to discover the area actively.
I got in touch with Mich at Bellagio Water Sports and he gladly offered to take me on a kayaking tour around the lake. He suggested a morning tour as the best time, and the weather proved to be beautiful that day. I woke up excited that morning and headed down to meet my tour group.

We met at the Bellagio Water Sports headquarters in Pescallo Bay, where a row of colorful kayaks were laid out for the tour group already. He enthusiastically greeted everyone and made sure to get to know everyone’s preferences and previous kayaking experience, as we had a wide range of ages on the tour.
There was even a complimentary water bottle in each kayak to make sure everyone stayed hydrated. After a few minutes, I was in the kayak and gliding through the smooth waters of the lake.

Kayaking on Lake Como

We followed the coastline towards the northern point of Bellagio and were greeted by stunning cliffs. I was in awe of their size and beauty. There was even a cactus growing in one part of the cliff, which looked very out of place. As we continued north, we could see an old church high up on the cliff. I could only imagine what an incredible view it must have been from up there.

As we continued past the cliffs and got near the northern point of Bellagio, we started to see some beautiful vacation homes. There were a few children running on the private beaches and shrieking gleefully as they ran into the water. Also, The parents watched them back as they relaxed on their loungers. It proved that Lake Como truly has something for everyone of all ages.

Amazing experience

We went past the houses and the main part of Bellagio soon became visible. Colorful hotels and buildings lined the shore. They were so beautiful it almost looked like a painting. We all stopped in silence to admire the scene before us. A few minutes later, an incoming ferry’s horn got us out of dreamland and we started to paddle to head back. The time had flown by already.

As I am more of an experienced kayaker, Mich let me go off on my own for a little bit while the others were catching up to meet back at the beach. It made me wish that I had rented the kayak for a longer time to explore more of such a beautiful area. I headed back to the beach and started the walk back to my hotel for lunch, as my morning activity had worked up an appetite.
Kayaking is a great way to see areas of the lake that wouldn’t be seen by just walking around. I will be sure to rent a kayak again next time I visit the area!
Sponsored by Bellagio Water Sports.

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