Get off your ass and Travel NOW!

Travel now!

Have you ever dreamt of swimming with Dolphins in Mexico? Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef? Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat in Thailand? So why haven’t you? Travel now!

Why don’t we just Travel? Excuses, Excuses! – Travel now and stop with excuses

The house? The job? The money? The kids? The procrastination? We can all find reasons not to do what we truly want to do. But I don’t call them reasons, I call them excuses!
The truth is, when it all boils down to it, if you live in a developed country, you are relatively healthy and really want to do travel, YOU CAN!

My volunteering in Rwanda aged 30
Of course, there are certain times when you have to be in your home country, particularly due to healthcare or serious family problems. I’m not saying everyone can travel anytime. But if your excuses are the mundane ones, that everyone has, just get off your ass and travel now!

The kids? Take them – they will learn and grow so much. The money? Travel in a developing country and you will find it cheaper than being at home. The house? Sell it! Rent it out and become a landlord. But please, don’t sit and moan about how crap your life is when travel is a really viable option these days.
Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, UK

Why I Travel Now and don’t Delay it

The reason why I tell you to get off your ass and do it now is a very personal one. I taught for a good ten years in UK schools. Although I loved being with the kids, there was always something missing – my freedom and wanderlust.
In my early thirties, I became quite ill. I had several epileptic fits, depression, anxiety, and asthma. When I finally had the results of my MRI scan, it showed a Cavernoma of the brain on my frontal lobe. Thankfully, Cavernomas are not cancerous. But they can have symptoms and can be dangerous if they bleed (hemorrhagic stroke).

My life essentially flashed before me. At one point, I didn’t know if I would ever be well enough to see certain things I dreamed of. I didn’t see the point in life if I was going to work all the hours God sends until I retire and die. That’s why, when I was discharged by my neurologist I told myself ‘get off your ass and do it now!’

Travel alone

I didn’t have anyone to travel with and I didn’t have a great deal of money. I didn’t even know if I’d have a job to come back to. But I headed to Istanbul alone to see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia because these were two things I could not miss before I die! Istanbul is also much cheaper than the cost of living in the UK, so more achievable financially.In my late 30’s, my health deteriorated further when I experienced recurrent severe abdominal pain. A full-body MRI scan revealed that I had a 10cm endometriotic tumor at the age of 37, and would need major 12-hour surgery on 5 organs to put it right.

I have blogged extensively about traveling with endometriosis. In 2017, I was severely ill in both Iceland and Israel but determined not to cut those trips short. I’m currently in limbo waiting for my big op, but believe me, when I recover, I am certainly going to get off my ass and travel! The bottom line is that you never know when something might happen to change your life or cut it short.

So do it – Travel Now!

What is worse? Living a life out of your comfort zone, or living a life of regret? Where is the one place you have to visit before you die? Write it down and book it now. You never know which way life is going to turn.

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