Tunisia Tours

Tunisia Tours

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Tunisia may be one of the smallest countries in North Africa, but it has no shortage of amazing things to see and do.  Tunisia tours span from ancient history to modern film classics, shopping experiences to camel rides.  While it is a brilliant place for a beach holiday, it also offers so much more.  Here are some of my favourite tours around the highlights of Tunisia.


Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and sits on the Mediterranean Sea coast.  It has an ancient medina at its heart that is a World Heritage Site while close by are the historic ruins of Carthage.  Tunis started out as a Berber settlement before the Carthaginians took over.  By the 7th century, the Arab Muslims controlled the area and created the medina which is the oldest existing area of the city. 

The modern city is still a mixture of heritage, developments from colonial times when the French controlled the area and modern additions.  The National Museum of Bardo, the Antonine Baths and the Souq des Chechias are just a few of the best locations to visit on Tunis tours.

Tunis: Dougga & Bulla Regia Private Tour

This tour includes visiting the ruins of Dougga, the Berber and Roman settlement just outside Téboursouk.  Dougga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the best Roman remains in arguably the whole of Africa.  It sits in a beautiful location with olive groves around it and forests behind it, so definitely take your camera with you for the approach as well as the site itself.  With the tour, you also see Bulla Regia which started out as a Punic settlement before the Romans then later the Berbers arrived. 

Tunis: Carthage, Sidi Bou Said & Bardo Museum Private Tour

Carthage is one of the most famous locations in the country and a name known from ancient history.  This tour is a full day trip that includes visiting the archaeological remains of Carthage as well as travelling through Sidi Bou Said.  This is the modern town beside Carthage that is known for being an artist’s town.  On the drive to Carthage, watch out for some of Tunisia’s most amazing villas which you will pass! 

This tour also includes the National Museum of Bardo, one of the most important museums in the region and second in Africa after the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

8-Day Archaeological Tour in Tunisia from Tunis

If you love your ancient history and want to see the very best archaeological sites in the country, then this tour is for you.  It includes Carthage, historic adversary of Rome with its Punic Port, Antonine Baths and Colosseum as well as the Roman amphitheatre at El Jem.  You will also visit the National Museum of Bardo.

Also included in this eight-day tour is the Medina of Tunis with its many souks, the archaeological site of Dougga, Sousse with its Medina and Great Mosque and the Temple of Water at Zaghouan. 


Douz is known as the ‘gateway to the Sahara’ and is to the south of Tunis.  Known as the ultimate palm oasis, there are over 500,000 palm trees in the area, and it hosts the annual International Festival of the Sahara, a four-day celebration of traditional culture in the desert.

Douz 2-Day Sahara Desert Camel Trek

There’s something unique about the idea of a camel trek through the desert and this 2-day tour is the perfect way to have that unique experience.  Don’t worry, you are accompanied by a cameleer guide at all times!  You also get the chance to stay in a Berber desert encampment for the night and share a meal with the residents.

Douz: 3-Day Private Luxury Sahara Desert Safari

If you love the idea of a camel trek but also like something a little more luxurious for accommodation, this is definitely the tour for you.  It includes two nights in a ‘bivouac’ camp and a third night in a luxury Sahara camping accommodation.  There’s a daily camel trek and also a tour in a private 4×4 to see the most amazing sights of the desert.

Kairouan, El Jem and Sousse

Kairouan is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was founded in 670 by the Umayyads and became a key centre of Sunni Islamic scholarship and Quranic learning.  It is the location of the Mosque of Ubqa and attracts the most Muslim visitors each year in the world after only Mecca and Medina.

El Jem is famous for its amphitheatre which is featured in a number of these Tunisia tours.  The town was known as Thysdrus in Roman times and was a centre of olive oil production.  Today, the amphitheatre is the most popular place to visit.

Sousse is another coastal city that started out as Hadrumetum, a trading point along the route to Italy before becoming a Carthaginian city.  The modern city still has many features dating from Arab Muslim times including a kasbah and medina, a ribat fortress and sea walls.

See more of Tunisia – 3-5 Day Tunisia Tours

If this has inspired your desire to see more of Tunisia, then these extended Tunisia tours allow you to go further, do more and see the best of the country.

Tunisia Tours: 4-Day Private Discovery Tour

Tunisia is a modern country with loads of ancient history and this private 4 day Tunisia tour is a great way to see the highlights.  It includes a mixture of ancient scenery, modern locations made famous by the Star Wars movies and even a horse-drawn carriage tour around Tozeur.  You can take a quad bike or camel ride around Douz and there is always your own professional driver and tour guide with you, so you don’t get lost!

5-Day Tunisia Highlights Package Tour

This highlights tour lets you see the best of Tunisia’s coastal area from a base in Tunis and includes accommodation in a four-star beach hotel.  Included in the tours is a visit to the ruins of Carthage as well as the Moors village of Sidi Bou Said.  You also get to visit a Berber village and see the amazing mosaics that they produce.  Plus see the best of Tunis and visit some of the most famous spots – include cafes known for their mint tea.

Tunisia: 5-Day Private Discovery Tour

This is a comprehensive tour that includes food, transport and accommodation along with a professional guide and driver.  You can see the desert movie set where Star Wars films were located and spend the night in a luxury campsite.  Excursions include quad biking and camel rides in the Sahara as well as visiting El Jem, the Roman Amphitheatre and the Grand Mosque which is the oldest mosque in Africa.  There’s even a time to do some shopping in the Jara Souk.

Tunisia Tours – Don’t forget your Travel Insurance

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