How to Spend One Day in Lamego

I’m actually writing this blog from Lamego bus station. I stayed for two nights here, waling these streets, visiting the best sites and eating in the gorgeous cafes and restaurants. You will be pleased to know that as it’s just a small town, it’s enough to spend one day in Lamego. Is Lamego worth visiting?  Lamego is in my opinion an … Read more

Destinations to fly to from Liverpool Airport

If you live in Liverpool, you’ve got GREAT options for European flights right on your doorstep. Today’s blog will introduce you to the top destinations that you can fly to from Liverpool Airport. A variety of cheap airlines go from Liverpool including easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2. Some of the top destinations from Liverpool include Rome, … Read more

Sofia Bulgaria Nightlife

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is an excellent place for architecture and digital nomad hangouts. But many fail to realise how amazing the Sofia nightlife is! And alcohol is cheap! So you won’t be spending a fortune! Sofia is really a great night out which is fuelled by the big student and international population. … Read more